Guest Column | November 3, 2015

The Evolution Of Mobility In Retail

Nick D’Alessio, Global Retail Solutions Development Manager, Zebra Technologies

By Nick D’Alessio, Global Retail Solutions Development Manager, Zebra Technologies

How Enterprise-Class Tablets Are Gaining Ground

Mobility and the expectations that come along with it have dramatically changed the retail landscape.  With more ways to connect, and the pervasive influence of social media, customers expect more from retailers as they shop both in-store and online. Keeping connected customers satisfied and engaged requires new approaches to mobility. Just like they may prefer a tablet to their smartphone for catching up on the latest news or to check out their favorite store’s new collection, retailers need to invest in a mobility strategy that delivers the right device and applications for the right job or task. Since retailers often don’t know where connected customers are in their shopping journey, the focus should be on closing that gap by using the same tools consumers are using. Not surprisingly, enterprise-grade tablets are increasingly becoming an attractive complement to the smaller handheld mobile devices that most associates already carry.  

Here’s why. Tablets allow store associates and managers to use once predominantly back-office applications like inventory management and fulfillment tools on the sales floor, increasing customer engagement and sales conversion opportunities. The larger screen makes it easier to see more information quickly and run simultaneous applications like running an inventory search, placing an order and completing a sale without asking a customer to go to another location. When customer traffic is low, associates can use tablets for product or display training, as well as to access store planograms to optimize product displays and complete other administrative tasks.

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