Guest Column | January 31, 2012

The Hard Side Of Enterprise Mobile Computing: Guest Series, Part 1

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By David Paufler, senior product manager, Datalogic

Industrial mobile computers are designed with efficiency as a top priority. The laser scanners and imagers used in these devices are optimized for the task of capturing as many barcodes as possible in the shortest amount of time. Almost all of today’s mobile phones come with a camera that can also be used to decode barcodes. However, the mobile phone camera is intended to take pictures for preserving a memory or updating friends on a social networking site, not for reading barcodes. There is a huge difference in how many barcodes can be scanned in a minute between the two solutions. Real world tests show the average mobile phone can read about six barcodes a minute compared to over thirty a minute with an industrial reader, a huge performance difference when labor costs count.