Guest Column | July 7, 2014

The Modest, Yet Essential, Thermal Consumable

Thermal Consumable

By SATO America

Thermal labels, tags and ribbons actually offer great value when it comes to everything from identifying and tracking inventory to catching the eye of the consumer.  Truly essential, yet often taken for granted - as if any media will do. There are reasons, old and new, to reconsider how you assess that very important part of your business, the modest consumable.

Whether your thermal printing solution has served you well for a decade or you’re in the process of appraising the newest technology, initial evaluations probably included a demonstration of the perfect combination of printer and consumables. Because a great deal of research and testing goes into ensuring that the components work well together, the results are impressive.  Yet, surprisingly, at some point down the purchasing path the decision is made to stray from the original selections to a variety of combinations of various brands.  Usually this occurs without consideration for the loss of time and money that can frequently follow that choice.

Purchasing thermal consumables and printers of a like brand is not required.  However, take into consideration the extent to which suppliers develop and test their solutions and you’ll understand why the combinations they offer are the options you should consider first.  If this doesn’t seem important now, take into consideration the amount of time printer operators spend troubleshooting issues when the wrong combination of label, ribbon and printer are used. 

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