Guest Column | August 30, 2016

The Sales Associate: The Modern Retailer's Secret Weapon

Matt Rhodus, NetSuite Vertical Marketing Expert, ­ Retail

By Matt Rhodus, Retail Industry Solutions Executive, NetSuite

The hallmark of today’s retail reality, borne of and accelerated by technology-empowered consumers, is choice. It’s why deepening brand loyalty is the greatest imperative for retailers who are looking for every edge in creating relationships with customers that cement their products’ place in peoples’ lives. 

When it comes to impacting those purchasing decisions, there is no shortage of bells and whistles available to sway the hearts and minds of buyers. But there’s one crucial part of the buying journey that no amount of technology will be able to replace – vetting the final purchase with another human being rich with advice and knowledge of how to solve the consumer’s problem.

Technology alone can’t close that deal or make the first step to deepening brand loyalty. Only people leveraging technology can do that.