Newsletter | August 13, 2019

08.13.19 -- Unleashing The Profitability Of High-Risk Digital Gift Cards

Retail IT Insights
Why QR Codes Are The Future Of Mobile Payments
Guest Column | By Ryan Zheng, RiverPay

While cards have been the ideal candidate to completely eclipse and surpass cash as the dominant form of payment in the U.S. for years, a challenger has finally arrived to dethrone it.

AI's Role In Closing Retail Marketing's Personalization Gap
Guest Column | By Wes Hunt, Alliance Data

With consumer expectations constantly being reshaped by new developments in the market, brand marketers today face the formidable challenge of trying to hit a moving target.

Unleashing The Profitability Of High-Risk Digital Gift Cards
White Paper | Radial

The high fraud risks associated with digital gift cards have many merchants worried. But the good news is that with the right fraud management strategies and vigilance, retailers can tap into this lucrative market, while minimizing risk.

In Case You Missed It
Omni-Channel: The “New” Brick-And-Mortar Concept
Guest Column | By Alexandra Frith, Retail Pro International

The face of Main Street stores has changed significantly during the last 20 years. Bookstores have been replaced by nail salons, clothing shops are now restaurants, and flower shops have made way for pet groomers. Those are the types of services you can't buy online, and they're finding brick-and-mortar success.