Guest Column | May 25, 2016

Updating Barcode Scanner Systems' Batteries Will Help Your Bottom Line

Ken Murphy, COO, Impact Power Technologies

By Ken Murphy, COO, Impact Power Technologies

Cut costs and increase profits by converting your barcode scanners’ power source to improve inventory control, productivity and reduce unnecessary supply orders

Almost every day, new numbers are published that show retail’s declining sales figures. Many brick and mortar stores are closing their doors as an uneasy economic climate coupled with growing ecommerce market forces retailers to find new profit sources or risk going out of business. Oftentimes the first question to ask is, where can I save my business money without sacrificing quality? Before you look at cutting employees or services, perhaps you need to start with basic operations and something as simple as your barcode scanner system. That small device is more essential to the overall success of the business than you might realize. Updating your barcode scanners with longer lasting batteries can translate into instant savings both on and off the selling floor.