Newsletter | August 27, 2019

08.27.19 -- Urban Outfitters Selects Qualtrics To Advance Customer Experience Leadership In Retail

Retail IT Insights
5 Ways To Improve Customer Experience
Article | By Fiona Honeyman, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

As consumers become more demanding, thanks to the conveniences of online shopping, savvy retailers are making strides to replicate — or even surpass — that experience at physical locations. Retailers that make customer-centric decisions — investing in stores, technology, fulfillment, and customer service teams — will stand to profit.

Shoppers Don’t Care About Your POS So Why Does It Matter For CX?
Guest Column | By Kevin Connor, Retail Pro International

Retail exists in an ongoing tension: how to run retail profitably without forfeiting its heart – to meet people’s needs and bring joy. Unified technologies are integral in this balance, offering a truer picture of your business and customers so you can discover and act on opportunities to better serve your customers.

Future-Proofing Your Tech Purchases With A Mobile OS And Unified Architecture
Guest Column | By Raimon Chikhani, Elo

Companies who invest in mobile-first customer experiences, without implementing a unified mobile architecture approach may waste precious time and money using consumer-grade mobile products, leading to a continual swapping out of outdated platforms and hardware. To break this perpetual rip-and-replace cycle, companies need to find a smarter way to deploy new commercial devices.

Cracking The Code: What Online Shoppers Value Most
  E-Book | Radial

Does your business have what it takes to tap into the growing online market? How are you responding to market trends — the growth of marketplaces, the proliferation of free shipping, and demand for frictionless returns — that will affect the distribution of these dollars?

In Case You Missed It
3 Ways To Prepare Your E-Commerce Company Before A Potential Amazon Breakup
Guest Column | By Fang Cheng, Linc Global

Businesses looking to carve out a niche for themselves might have some of the work done for them if the government chooses to break up Amazon. The question will be figuring out how to fill the vacuum the e-commerce leviathan leaves behind.


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