Case Study

Wet Seal Resolves Web Issues, Reduces Workload And Projects A Faster ROI

Source: Dell Inc.
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Wet Seal, Inc. is a leading specialty retailer of fashionable and contemporary apparel and accessory items. Founded in 1962, the company operates more than 500 Wet Seal and Arden B stores, as well as two online shopping sites. To improve the online shopping experience for its customers, Wet Seal turned to Dell™ .

Wet Seal’s two e-commerce sites, and, run on an open commerce platform. The Web sites account for a significant portion of the company’s revenue. Because of that— and because of the intensely competitive market in online fashion retailing—Wet Seal needs top performance from its e-commerce applications.

“Several years ago, Web site performance did not get the attention it does today,” explains Greg Maxwell, e-commerce development manager at Wet Seal. “But with the significant growth of e-commerce, performance problems in our Web applications now demand immediate attention. To compete in today’s market, we need to keep our Web sites running at peak performance.”

Wet Seal needed more insight into its Web applications to make performance problems easier to find and resolve. “The tools we had gave us a very limited view of the user experience,” Maxwell says. Moreover, the tools did not enable Wet Seal to take a proactive approach to application performance monitoring. “For example, if a page was really slow but it was working, it wouldn’t trip an alarm,” Maxwell explains.

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