Newsletter | April 17, 2018

04.17.18 -- Why Agile Merchandising Is Win-Win For Retailers

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Why Agile Merchandising Is Win-Win For Retailers
Guest Column | By Allen Bonde, Small Data Group

Funding continues to flow into upstart brands and new retail concepts driven by Amazon and other innovators, creating both a lot of noise and opportunity. To stand out and succeed, retail merchandisers need to move fast, use their data, and think like a disruptor.

Retail IT Insights
Why Customers Break Up With You And How To Save Those Relationships
Guest Column | By Branden Jenkins, Netsuite

Increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent leads to at least a 25 percent increase in profits — every single customer experience counts toward the bottom line.

How Collaborative Supply Chains Make Omni-Channel Success Possible
White Paper | By Radial

Today's anytime, anywhere shoppers have big expectations for retailers that better keep up or be prepared to lose a sale — or even a customer for life. This demand for service has created an urgency that retailers must meet, and it begins with the supply chain. To meet customer expectations, retailers must be able to fulfill orders at breakneck speed regardless of where and when they are placed.

Auditing: An Essential Tool For Any Effective LP Program
Guest Column | By Mike Keenan, TAL Global Corporation

By monitoring execution and correcting identified deficiencies throughout the year, you can improve compliance, control loss, and keep both employees and customers safe.

In Case You Missed It
Bridging The Gap Between Data And The UI
Guest Column | By Jon Vivers, SHOP.COM

From Google to Facebook, personal advertising is triggered based upon recently viewed websites, read articles, shared posts, and purchased items. The e-commerce marketplace is no exception. With furthering dedication and focus toward customers, it will be fascinating to see what new technological advancements and changes occur for online retailers, bringing a more personal experience to online shopping.

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