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04.24.18 -- Why Retailers Need A Vendor Compliance Optimization Program

Featured Editorial
How To Build A Brand For Millennials And Post-Millennials
Guest Column | By Olga Pancenko, PERRIN PARIS

Once, if you had a strong brand, great product, and well-organized distribution, you were a winning retailer. Why? Because replicating your product would take anyone else 10 years to do. Today, with tools brought to the table by the internet, practically any brand or product can be replicated in seconds. So what can be done to stand out from the crowd?

Retail IT Insights
Retail Tag And Label System Improves Distribution
Case Study | By SATO America

In the apparel industry, distribution to multiple destinations has to be precise and fast. The customers of a famous clothing manufacturer in Japan asked their department stores and wholesalers to examine their logistics management to try and improve accuracy and the speed of deliveries.

Why Retailers Need A Vendor Compliance Optimization Program
A conversation with Greg Holder, Compliance Networks

Retailers face daunting and complex challenges with regard to their omni-channel supply chains. There are countless reasons why retailers can't go it alone. Greg Holder, CEO and co-founder of Compliance Networks, provides detailed solutions, including a vendor compliance optimization (VCO) program, that can help retailers leverage the benefits of supply chain visibility.

In Case You Missed It
Retail's Reckoning: The Great Fragmentation
Guest Column | By Michael Dart, A.T. Kearney

Americans are now living in the fragmented states of America, and the implications for retailers and brands are life-altering. Retailers will need to do even more to make themselves compelling and convenient to an increasingly diverse set of niches.

Inside QVC's Digital Domination
Magazine Article | By Erin Harris, editor in chief

QVC has mastered real-time inventory and unique merchandising. The company has also mastered what many retailers are still working on — meeting the customer where she is. QVC's various platforms — television, e-commerce, mobile, and social — allow every customer to have a platform on which she's most comfortable making the purchase.

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