News | July 11, 2019

X Out® Launches At GNC Retailers Nationwide

Performance Skin Care Products to Offer High Impact, Low Effort Solutions to Individuals with Moderate Acne and Acne Mechanica

El Segundo, CA /PRNewswire/ - X Out®, a revolutionary prescription strength acne treatment line from the makers of Proactiv®, will be launching in GNC retailers throughout the United States beginning Summer 2019. This new line and retail partnership is aimed to tackle a void in the marketplace, giving young adults who suffer from acne mechanica or mild to moderate acne a quick and easy solution that fits seamlessly into their active lifestyle.

"Our consumer is someone who is often too busy for doctor visits and complicated routines. That's why we're so excited to offer X Out® products at GNC locations. Our goal is for more people to experience head-to-toe transformative results with minimal effort," said Gillian Fetters, Brand Manager for X Out®.

Prompted by pressure, friction, and heat, acne mechanica is a condition commonly seen amongst athletes and active individuals. X Out® is designed with these consumers in mind, to help them tackle their acne from head-to-toe by providing a simple solution with low effort and high-impact results. The hero product in the line, X Out® Wash-In-Treatment, features 3-in-1 uses and is a prime example of how the brand is committed to helping consumers discover simple, easy-to-use products to treat their acne. The Wash-In-Treatment uses our prescription grade benzoyl peroxide that can be used three ways- a daily cleanser, mask, and spot treatment, to attack breakout-causing bacteria immediately on contact, while continuing to work for 24 hours. With innovative products developed with the target consumer in mind, X Out® hopes to encourage consumers to not only help prevent but treat their acne.

"X Out fills a white space in the market by offering an effective, no-fuss solution for active individuals experiencing acne mechanica," said Megan MacDonald, Brand Representative at The Proactiv Company. "We're thrilled to partner with GNC to further our joint effort towards global health and wellness. Through this partnership we hope to provide a solution for their customers and introduce X Out® on a larger scale by bringing it directly to the place where active individuals choose to shop."

As of June 2019, X Out® is available at 419 GNC stores nationwide and, with a store locator featured on to help consumers find product in their nearest retailers.

For more information on X Out®, visit, Instagram (@xout), Facebook (, and Twitter (@XOutBreakOuts).

About X OUT
X Out comes from the makers of Proactiv®, America's #1 acne brand. The product line is formulated with prescription strength ingredients specifically developed for men and women looking for easy-to-use, transformative acne solutions for the entire body.

X Out is from a trusted acne brand with a loyal following due to its proven results. X Out empowers active individuals by offering simple, easy-to-use acne treatments. It is effective for people of all ages and skin types experiencing breakouts who are too busy to deal with doctor visits and complicated routines. X Out conquers acne with low effort, high impact solutions.


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