Cross Channel Magazine

  1. Clarks Achieves One View Of The Customer

    Via a customer data and engagement solution, the iconic shoemaker personalizes the shopping journey and achieves a 360-degree view of the customer.

  2. Workforce Management | 2017 IRT Retailer Innovation Awards

    Luxottica Group has a reputation for its considerable ongoing investment in the training and development of its associates and the quality of its work environment. With store associates playing such an important role in providing a consistently excellent shopping experience, the company needed to provide team members with a single place to view corporate communications, employee training direction, onboarding processes, tasks, and performance metrics.

  3. Supply Chain | 2017 IRT Retailer Innovation Awards

    As The Paper Store (TPS) grew, management there understood that in order to maintain a high customer service level, unique and diverse assortment, and convenient fulfillment options, it would have to bring world-class technology and innovation to its supply chain processes.

  4. Customer Engagement | 2017 IRT Retailer Innovation Awards

    As he considers investments in technology and services, it’s clear that Scott Emmons assumes the customer’s vantage point. He’s fast to marshal resources and execute on innovation that promises to drive Neiman Marcus forward. Em- mons demonstrates an understanding of what it means to combine brave decision making with disciplined execution. He invests for the long term, rather than getting bogged down with near term challenges to implement new tech. Emmons is also very start-up friendly, acting as a helpful partner in bridging the gap between fast-moving tech companies and a more traditional company environment at Neiman Marcus.

  5. Omni Channel Retailing | 2017 IRT Retailer Innovation Awards

    Recognizing that its customer base—which skews to older, affluent customers—is increasingly  using  smart phones, tablets, and mobile apps, Orvis has gone full-on mobile in its stores. With its Aptos Store POS system, the merchant is delivering on its “endless aisle” promise to customers and improving the engagement through digital.

  6. Mobile Guidance For Store-Level Fulfillment

    Legacy approaches to the management of store associates’ tasks aren’t conducive to the new omni-channel reality.

  7. Cracking The Omni-Channel Customer Code

    How modern commerce platforms are bridging the digital/physical retail divide

  8. Email Pays Big For Silver Jeans Co.

    How Silver Jeans Co. increased sales more than 25% via strategic, personalized emails

  9. Personalization Drives Clicks, Conversion At Office Depot

    Office Depot subsidiary Viking reduced its customers’ time on site while doubling click-through rates and driving conversion beyond 50 percent.

  10. Gameday Merchandising Tackles Global Expansion

    A clunky and error-prone order process forced Gameday Merchandising to implement an innovative solution that enables the company to access international orders with ease.