Retail IT White Papers

  • Harnessing Data Can Drive Omnichannel Efficiency

    One retail fulfillment center needs to count pallets of merchandise stacked to the ceiling to meet the surge in online orders that has come during the pandemic. Another needs to keep workers socially distanced. And with more shopping moving online every day, all retailers need real-time updates on consumer habits that seem to be evolving rapidly.

  • New Benchmarks For Customer Contact Performance

    What worked yesterday will not necessarily drive success today. It will almost certainly not ensure a fruitful tomorrow.

  • How To Guide For Doing BOPIS And Curbside Pickup Right

    The growth of omnichannel fulfillment programs such as buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup of online orders has been a retail industry trend for several years now. That trend reached a tipping point in the last 12 months, as the COVID-19 pandemic led consumers to seek out safer, contactless shopping experiences. Equally embraced by consumers and retailers alike, and for many of the same reasons (e.g., cost savings on last-mile order delivery), BOPIS and curbside have transitioned from nice-to-have to must-have services for brands with physical storefronts.

  • Radial Is A Leader In SPARK Matrix: Omnichannel Order Management Systems

    Omnichannel order management systems (OMS) help retailers manage and fulfill complex customers' orders efficiently in an omnichannel environment to improve the customer experience. An omnichannel OMS provides unified visibility of enterprise inventory from warehouse, distribution center, store, and in-transit locations while performing complex order routing to enable efficient order fulfillment from the optimum location.

  • The State Of Contact Center Technology

    Can it mitigate the impact of change? Can it drive unlock new efficiencies? Can it generate unprecedented value? Always relevant when evaluating contact center technology, these three questions took center stage amid the events of 2020. The best technology would have helped companies smoothly transition to remote work and digital-first communication. It also would have helped companies elevate their experiences — and reduce agent and customer effort — even in the face of such uncertainty.

  • Online Consumer Insights Report

    This report includes data on consumer sentiment for commerce trends in fulfillment, omnichannel, Amazon, and more. Consumer insights into the COVID-19 pandemic are also included.

  • Retail Supply Chains Take On Pandemic-Era Challenges

    One retailer needs to set up curbside pickup in a day. Another is doing ship-from-store but needs real-time data on the number of units of specific items at each store. Others are deciding whether to keep merchandise at shuttered stores or send them back to distribution centers. Those are among the challenges retailers are facing during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. They are not easy to face alone. 

  • The Cyber 5 Holiday Report

    How the peak shopping weekend shook out during this unique holiday season. Find out how a later Amazon Prime Day coupled with merchants earlier holiday discounts impacted the kick-off to the holiday season. Also, an analysis of discounts offered by DNVBs and a look at why supply chain snafus have complicated retailers' overall holiday plans. Plus, an in-depth look at how fulfillment operation improvements will outlive the pandemic and a real-world test of how retailers' curbside operations fared during the Cyber 5.

  • Reimagining The Store Of The Future: Retail Adjustments For A Post-Pandemic World

    The COVID-19 pandemic created significant challenges for retail, and one that is likely to have long-term effects is to persuade consumers to return to stores. Concerns over the potential for infection have left many consumers feeling uncomfortable in stores. Retailers must take meaningful steps to earn the trust of patrons whose values and behavior have changed.

  • Cash Transactions In The Mobile World

    For two decades, the PC has reigned supreme over all POS solutions, operating as point of sale terminals that sit on counters and control various peripherals. However, the need for PC-centric solutions is waning as a more flexible POS model emerges Leveraging cloud and mobile technologies, this model supports thin client and IP-enabled components such as cash drawers and printers.

  • Protect Yourself: 8 Security Best Practices For Retailers

    The retail industry is a favorite target of cyber attackers. Hackers know a successful attack on a retailer can give them access to the data of thousands or even millions of payment cardholders. Cyber criminals can sell that data for a tidy profit to other criminals on the dark web who use it for fraud, identity theft, and phishing attacks. Cyber crime is big business; it’s projected to cause damages of $6 trillion by 2021 on organizations of all types and sizes.

  • Retail Cash Loss: Addressing The Problem With Intelligent Technology

    Any business that accepts cash for transactions has come to expect that some percentage of it will vanish as a result of fraud, administrative errors and employee misdeeds. Inventory shrink, which includes cash loss, costs retailers an estimated $47 billion annually. It is so prevalent that retailers have a line item for it in their P&L statement.

  • Integrated Planning & Inventory Management Special Report

    For retailers, it is imperative to take a customer-centric viewpoint on the business. Current disparate systems, processes and organization must be transformed into one cohesive environment with the ability to offer customers a seamless shopping environment across all channels and the capability to deliver merchandise immediately – wherever it is needed. It is time to prepare for the future of retail – it is here – whether we are ready or not.

  • Integrated Planning: Getting It Right – A Boston Retail Partners Report

    We are in the midst of a retail transformation. Consumer behavior and mobile technology have dramatically changed the traditional retail model and it’s not over yet. As upstart online retailers mature, their desire to connect to their customers in a more personal manner is evolving. However, the old adage of right product, right place, and right time is truer now than ever before. As a result, retailers are gathering more data that is being leveraged by financial plans, demand plans, assortment plans, and store plans. The importance of a fully integrated planning solution to analyze and utilize this data is key to ensuring retailers remain competitive in this rapidly changing landscape. An integrated planning solution eliminates silos, leverages the same data, streamlines decisions, and builds consensus.

  • The New Retail Mandate: 2018 Shopper Vision Study

    The landscape of retail is constantly transforming, and a shift from transactional to service-driven, personalized experiences is emerging. Our 10th annual shopper vision study surveyed thousands of consumers throughout North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East to discover that tech-savvy consumers are demanding a higher level of retail service, convenience and curation. We ask the questions that really matter to find out what shoppers really want, so you can get the insight you need to be their preferred retailer, both in-store and online. 

  • Making The Move To A Tablet Point Of Sale Solution - A Research Guide To Choosing The Right Mobile POS

    Over the past few years, improvements in mobile devices, Wi-Fi, and cloud computing have made mobile point of sale (POS) solutions effective and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Tablets have emerged as the most popular platform for mobile POS solutions, and you may have already heard the buzz about them. There’s a reason for all the hullaballoo. In addition to integrating payments and making retail transactions more effcient than using a traditional electronic cash register (ECR), tablet POS solutions can provide robust management data.

  • Adopting Omnichannel In Your Business - Enhancing Experience And Achieving Operational Excellence

    Consumers worldwide continue to adopt and use technology in their shopping experience. Faced with rising customer expectations and increasing competitive pressures, retailers now are prioritizing in-store innovation. Many retailers have adopted multichannel implementations, in which mobile, web, and in-store shopping are enabled but not delivered consistently to the customer.

  • Perfecting The Customer Journey - A Guide To Making Your Restaurant A Destination Worth Revisiting

    Competition is growing fierce for restaurants — and not all of it comes from other local dining establishments. With grocery stores and meal kit services offering additional convenient and affordable dining options for customers to choose from, and with many restaurants turning to faster and smarter automation methods to power their operations, now is the time for your restaurant to step up its game.

  • Line Busting As A Mobile Transaction And Service Industry - A Guide For Consumer Industries

    The potential of mobile technologies to transform the transaction experience has been discussed regularly over the past decade. The transformation first promised a decade ago always depended on significant advancements in both consumer and business transaction technologies. The consumerization of smartphones, which began in 2007, introduced what would become the key enabling technology on the consumer side. This marked the beginning of robust growth and continuous advancements in consumer mobile technologies.

  • Retail Merchandise Planning Imperatives

    Retail is not dead, but the traditional retail model is.