• Sharpening Omnichannel Inventory Management To A Razor’s Edge

    Inventory is your company’s largest capital investment. It is why customers make purchases in your stores and online. It is the source of your company’s revenue and the bedrock of your brand. Naturally, it makes sense that fine tuning inventory management is a key to achieving financial success.

  • The AI-Driven Supply Chain: Seamlessly Meeting Complex Demand

    Retail supply chains have become overwhelmingly complex. In order to meet constantly shifting consumer demand and ensure product is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, savvy retailers are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help power their next-gen supply chains. 

  • Bot And ATO Attacks: How They’re Related And What You Can Do

    There are faceless armies of robots arrayed against you. They are legion, they are tireless and, if they overwhelm your defenses, they can be lethal—to your business. Bots are not the minions of an evil super-intelligence in a science fiction film bent on dominion over mankind. They are simply tools that can be used by anyone who picks them up. And, the people picking them up these days often are criminals employing them to take over or create online accounts.

  • Cash Transactions In The Mobile World

    For two decades, the PC has reigned supreme over all POS solutions, operating as point of sale terminals that sit on counters and control various peripherals. However, the need for PC-centric solutions is waning as a more flexible POS model emerges Leveraging cloud and mobile technologies, this model supports thin client and IP-enabled components such as cash drawers and printers.


  • APG Cash Drawer, LLC

    For more than 30 years, APG Cash Drawer has been designing and delivering cash drawers with a variety of size, color, interface, and integration options. An APG cash drawer will provide years of smooth, trouble free service with virtually no downtime, no service required, and no headaches. Our cash drawers are so well constructed and so reliable that our customers install them and forget them - even in the most demanding environments.

  • RSPA
    RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.  




  • Report: Tools And Tech Driving Value In Customer Service

    The pace of change in retail customer service in recent years has been profound, with new technologies and tools both meeting and driving heightened consumer expectations. The abrupt and shocking changes to the retail landscape driven by the Coronavirus pandemic have brought this issue into even sharper relief, as millions of consumers increasingly rely on virtual channels of service to meet their needs. In this environment, taking a step back to assess where the industry stands and where it is headed is a valuable step in planning for a future of increasing challenges and opportunities.

  • Examining COVID-19’s Impact On The Delicate Balance Between Cash And The Retail And Hospitality Industries

    Robert Banker, Director of SMARTtill and Partner Sales at APG Cash Drawer, is a retail technology veteran with extensive experience in solution sales of retail technologies. Before joining APG, Robert led the sales efforts around a variety of software solutions for companies including Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, IBM, and Tyco Retail Solutions. Robert spoke with VAR Insights about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the retail and hospitality industries, as well as the future or cash, contactless payment, and cash drawers.

  • POS Software Comparison Tool For Resellers

    Resellers and POS ISVs can download this ISV selection matrix to learn what resellers evaluate before choosing new point of sale software partners. When evaluating different POS software vendors, It is paramount that ISV's be ready to answer these questions and more.

  • The Expanding Wallets And Purchasing Influence Of Millennials And Gen Z

    And 6 Keys to Modern Customer Support That Can Help Businesses Tap Into Both.

  • Top 3 Trends That Have An Impact On Software Testing In 2019

    Business owners continue to meet the current digital transformation challenges from time to time. Not only have the product releases been reduced from months to weeks and days, so have the quality standards increased. One of the most revolutionary trends of this era is the software testing tools in the software development process. However, a software testing company works on achieving digital excellence by using the top trends for this year.

  • 7 Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

    High shopping cart abandonment rate is an unpleasant reality for many Ecomm businesses and there are numerous reasons why customers may change their mind half way through the purchasing process. Let’s have a look.


  • The Medical Guardiant Healthcare Countertop Screen

    The medical Guardiant™ is ideal for doctor clinics, dental and pharmacy settings and is built to help reduce the spread of infectious, airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing. Create a protective shield in any place of commerce that requires direct interaction between healthcare employees and patients in close proximity.

  • Cash Drawer Caddy™ SP Organizer

    The Caddy™ SP Organizer is a slim profile POS integration tray that brings easy cable routing and organization to APG heavy duty cash drawers.

  • Retail POS Guardiant Countertop Shield

    The retail Guardiant™ is ideal for grocery, convenience and retail settings and is built to help reduce the spread of contagious, airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing. Create a protective shield in any place of commerce that requires direct interaction between employees and customers in close proximity such as POS checkouts.