• How To Retain Retail And Hospitality Employees In A Post-Pandemic World

    These are trying times for restaurants and retailers. You’re dealing with supply chain issues and a labor shortage. Frustration is running high among customers, who too often are lashing out at retail and restaurant workers.

  • Ten Retail Trends To Watch In 2022

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 proved to be another atypical year for retailers. As we look into the coming year, don’t expect things to go back to normal just yet. 2022 will bring its own set of opportunities and challenges that will keep retailers on their toes as they try to balance customer demand against supply chain issues.

  • The Spartan Plan To Powerful B2B Content Marketing

    When we were kids, shortcuts were celebrated. Hearing from a buddy, “You want to go play at that new field? I know a shortcut,” was met with a smile. That get-there-as-fast-as-we-can mindset is often avoided in business because we assume the time-consuming, complex way is the best way. This is especially true with content marketing. Instead of focusing on creating quality content as quickly as possible, VARs and ISVs get bogged down in extraneous details, bloating the project to a point where the planned content never sees the light of day.

  • Cash Advocates Fight For American Freedoms Of Payment Choice In Washington

    While the cashless movement gained momentum during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, advocates of the right to use cash are taking their fight to Congress. In July, Rep. Donald M. Payne Jr., D-NJ, introduced a bill to prohibit businesses from rejecting cash payments for in-store transactions.

  • Fraud Increasing In Ecommerce, But Help Is On The Way

    From account takeover to friendly fraud, phishing, spoofing, counterfeiting, chargebacks and more, there are many ways for fraudsters to disrupt and derail ecommerce. This is a major thorn in the side for retailers and honest customers alike. However, despite some depressing trends in fraud, this is not a doom-and-gloom situation. There are many robust solutions and services available to retailers. We’ll take a look at some current fraud trends and explain the best ways to safeguard against those threats.


  • 2022 Leading Vendors To The Top 1000 Retailers

    As technology evolves and more shoppers are spending their dollars online amid the lingering pandemic, retailers are seeing the benefits of utilizing the services of a vendor rather than running all parts of their ecommerce operations themselves.

  • Scaling New Heights? Data Reveals Retailers’ Challenges, Opportunities In Scaling Their Businesses

    The retail industry is witnessing significant changes in consumer behavior, driven by a desire for increased digital and omnichannel experiences. What hasn’t changed is that consumers’ expectations for secure, frictionless, personalized shopping experiences remains high. These high expectations extend across the purchase journey, from discovery through to post-purchase support. Furthermore, consumers expect that the shopping experience is consistent no matter how and when they choose to interact with a retailer, including both peak and nonpeak seasons.

  • 2021 Holiday Planning

    Prepare for a holiday season that will be like no other. Hear from fellow retailers on how they are preparing to navigate shipping and supply chain challenges, as well as labor shortages. Plus, merchants continue to make omnichannel and website performance investments to prepare for the busy peak season. Also inside, tips on strategies retailers can implement this Q4 and insights into what online shoppers say they want from merchants during the holidays, such as updates to return policies.

  • Is Your Business Prepared For The Agile Age? 5 Keys To Perfecting Your Retail Strategy

    “Agility” was the buzzword of 2020 as retailers feverishly worked to adapt their business models, experiences and services amid uncertainty. The ever-changing customer behaviors we saw during the pandemic, coupled with a rapid evolution of industry dynamics, will continue to make agility key to competing and thriving in retail’s new era.


  • For more than 30 years, APG Cash Drawer has been designing and delivering cash drawers with a variety of size, color, interface, and integration options. An APG cash drawer will provide years of smooth, trouble free service with virtually no downtime, no service required, and no headaches. Our cash drawers are so well constructed and so reliable that our customers install them and forget them - even in the most demanding environments.

  • RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.  



  • RSPA Trusted Advisor Ep. 56: Opportunities And Challenges For Women In Today’s Retail IT Channel

    Episode 56 of “The Trusted Advisor” features 2021 RSPA W2W Leaders of the Year Nell Alverson, the Director of Channel Marketing at ScanSource, and Breanna Brown, Global Marketing Manager for APG. Alverson, Brown, and the RSPA’s Jim Roddy discuss opportunities and challenges for women in today’s channel, actions both men and women can take to avoid bias and promote inclusion, and changes the retail IT industry should embrace to accelerate progress.



  • New Year, New Name: Why apg® Chose To Rebrand

    The coming New Year will be rife with change including a new name for one long-standing point of sale company. Effective January 2022, APG Cash Drawer will officially drop “Cash Drawer” from its name and introduce a new tagline to become, apg® – trust at every point.

  • Delegate Or Die

    When the RSPA team talks business challenges with our value-added reseller (VAR) and independent software developer (ISV) members, we hear most frequently about one obstacle. Not cloud point of sale, not mergers and acquisitions, not vendor relationships, not shrinking margins, not the economy. The most mentioned hindrance to VAR and ISV growth is delegation.

  • 7 Elements Of A Successful Cannabis VAR

    When entering an emerging vertical, VARs expect to encounter a unique set of complexities, nuances, and obstacles. That’s especially true in the cannabis market because laws, regulations, supply chains, and business models differ from state-to-state, and a technology misstep can cost a dispensary owner their license.

  • Cash Implementation Challenges For Telco Retailers By APG Cash Drawer And NTS Retail

    While cashless payment methods are no doubt surging, cash remains a highly relevant factor in many retail environments across the world. Implementing cash in a modern, technology-driven retail environment poses unique challenges, which can have retailers scratch their heads as they try to balance efficiency in labour hours and practicality in daily use. Leveraging technology, both on the hardware and on the software side, goes a long way towards making sure cash transactions run conveniently, smoothly and securely.

  • Shop. Ship. Smile. Program Aims To Lighten The Load For Busy Shoppers

    Aaron Kirley, President of LugLess, answers questions about his company’s partnership with LugLess that will enable holiday shoppers to send gifts directly from the store to any location in the U.S.

  • Supply Chain Innovation: The Role Of Continuous Improvement In The Supply Chain

    When it comes to marketplace innovation, time is of the essence. Over the last two decades, 52 percent of Fortune 500 companies have gone extinct. This statistic alone proves that very few businesses, even stellar ones, don't survive for an extended length of time without going through a reinvention of some sort.


  • The retail Guardiant™ is ideal for grocery, convenience and retail settings and is built to help reduce the spread of contagious, airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing. Create a protective shield in any place of commerce that requires direct interaction between employees and customers in close proximity such as POS checkouts.

  • Designed with a clean, stylish molding and steel construction that is both secure and light weight, the Minota Cash Drawer is a reliable, low cost robust cash drawer.

  • The Arlo cash drawer delivers uncompromising performance and quality, providing a low cost of ownership for light cash use environments. Purpose-built for the entry-level market, the Arlo cash drawer is easy to use enabling efficiency throughout the checkout process.