• ISVs Share Lead Gen Best Practices – And Headaches

    The RSPA Niche & Startup ISV Community helps software developer executives meet and network with fellow RSPA ISV members in a vendor-neutral setting. Founded in 2019, the group has grown to nearly 80 members. More software developer organizations continue to engage with the RSPA in person and online. Inspire 2022 attracted a record number of ISV attendees, continuing the momentum created at RetailNOW 2021 where 230+ ISV executives participated. And the RSPA Niche & Startup ISV Community continues to attract high-initiative ISV executives to its bi-monthly conference calls.

  • VARs Should Offer Broader Solutions To Cannabis Dispensaries

    The headline you just read was the consensus thinking of the executives attending a recent online meeting of the RSPA Niche & Startup ISV Community. Often times VARs attempting to penetrate this vertical focus only on the point of sale system and related software, and they find little success because of the glut of companies pushing their own POS solution.

  • ISV Advice: “Marketing Can Do Things For You That A Great Product Cannot”

    ISVs big and small continue to increase their engagement with the RSPA both in person and online. RetailNOW 2022 is on track to surpass the 230+ software developer executives last year’s show attracted, and nearly 50% of this year’s exhibitors will be software-focused. Additionally, the RSPA Niche & Startup ISV Community continues to attract high-initiative ISV executives to its bi-monthly conference calls.

  • Retailers Are Prioritizing Innovation In IT Spending

    Retailers are increasing their IT budgets and allotting a bigger portion of those budgets to innovation. They are investing in cloud-based and automation solutions to replace aging technology to meet customer demand for omnichannel experiences and cope with a severe labor shortage.

  • Three Post-Pandemic Imperatives For Retailers

    After two long years, it appears the pandemic may be coming to an end. As retailers devise post-pandemic strategies, they must consider changes in customer behavior. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation in retail and helped reshape customer expectations. There is no going back.


  • 2022 RSPA Retail IT Channel KPI Study

    For the sixth annual Retail IT Channel KPI Study, the RSPA has compiled data that will help VARs and ISVs better navigate today’s ever-changing ecosystem.

  • Choosing The Right Fit For Your Business: Anatomy Of A Cash Drawer

    The cash drawer has been a key component of the retail business for as long as people have exchanged money for goods. If you accept currency, you need the best cash drawer, but choosing the right drawer and till solution requires planning, consideration, and a little research.

  • 2022 Leading Vendors To The Top 1000 Retailers

    As technology evolves and more shoppers are spending their dollars online amid the lingering pandemic, retailers are seeing the benefits of utilizing the services of a vendor rather than running all parts of their ecommerce operations themselves.

  • Scaling New Heights? Data Reveals Retailers’ Challenges, Opportunities In Scaling Their Businesses

    The retail industry is witnessing significant changes in consumer behavior, driven by a desire for increased digital and omnichannel experiences. What hasn’t changed is that consumers’ expectations for secure, frictionless, personalized shopping experiences remains high. These high expectations extend across the purchase journey, from discovery through to post-purchase support. Furthermore, consumers expect that the shopping experience is consistent no matter how and when they choose to interact with a retailer, including both peak and nonpeak seasons.


  • RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.  


  • At apg® we believe that brick-and-mortar retail connects people to their community, to each other, and drives business success. For more than 40 years, we have been supplying your communities and their retail and hospitality businesses with cash drawers through various partner channels.


  • RSPA Trusted Advisor Ep. 65: No-Nonsense Customer Service For VARs And ISVs

    In Episode 65 of “The Trusted Advisor,” the RSPA’s Jim Roddy talks with Randy Gunter, one of the principals at VAR Spark Solutions Group, and Jeff Sanders, the President of VAR Southwest Point of Sale, about customer service best practices for retail technology solution providers. Among the topics discussed are reactive and proactive customer communication strategies, the importance of an annual customer survey, how to win over an upset customer, and the biggest customer service mistake many resellers make.



  • New Year, New Name: Why apg® Chose To Rebrand

    The coming New Year will be rife with change including a new name for one long-standing point of sale company. Effective January 2022, APG Cash Drawer will officially drop “Cash Drawer” from its name and introduce a new tagline to become, apg® – trust at every point.

  • Delegate Or Die

    When the RSPA team talks business challenges with our value-added reseller (VAR) and independent software developer (ISV) members, we hear most frequently about one obstacle. Not cloud point of sale, not mergers and acquisitions, not vendor relationships, not shrinking margins, not the economy. The most mentioned hindrance to VAR and ISV growth is delegation.

  • 7 Elements Of A Successful Cannabis VAR

    When entering an emerging vertical, VARs expect to encounter a unique set of complexities, nuances, and obstacles. That’s especially true in the cannabis market because laws, regulations, supply chains, and business models differ from state-to-state, and a technology misstep can cost a dispensary owner their license.

  • Cash Implementation Challenges For Telco Retailers By APG Cash Drawer And NTS Retail

    While cashless payment methods are no doubt surging, cash remains a highly relevant factor in many retail environments across the world. Implementing cash in a modern, technology-driven retail environment poses unique challenges, which can have retailers scratch their heads as they try to balance efficiency in labour hours and practicality in daily use. Leveraging technology, both on the hardware and on the software side, goes a long way towards making sure cash transactions run conveniently, smoothly and securely.

  • Shop. Ship. Smile. Program Aims To Lighten The Load For Busy Shoppers

    Aaron Kirley, President of LugLess, answers questions about his company’s partnership with LugLess that will enable holiday shoppers to send gifts directly from the store to any location in the U.S.

  • Supply Chain Innovation: The Role Of Continuous Improvement In The Supply Chain

    When it comes to marketplace innovation, time is of the essence. Over the last two decades, 52 percent of Fortune 500 companies have gone extinct. This statistic alone proves that very few businesses, even stellar ones, don't survive for an extended length of time without going through a reinvention of some sort.


  • The Arlo cash drawer delivers uncompromising performance and quality, providing a low cost of ownership for light cash use environments. Purpose-built for the entry-level market, the Arlo cash drawer is easy to use enabling efficiency throughout the checkout process.

  • The retail Guardiant™ is ideal for grocery, convenience and retail settings and is built to help reduce the spread of contagious, airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing. Create a protective shield in any place of commerce that requires direct interaction between employees and customers in close proximity such as POS checkouts.

  • Designed with a clean, stylish molding and steel construction that is both secure and light weight, the Minota Cash Drawer is a reliable, low cost robust cash drawer.