Retail Industry Videos

  1. Retalon - Retail Predictive Analytics

    Retalon is a leading provider of Retail Predictive Analytics solutions for supply chain, inventory management, pricing, merchandising, planning, and marketing operations. Retalon products range from task-oriented solutions to a common analytic platform, resulting in tangible optimization of the supply chain and significant measurable benefits for the entire organization.

  2. Price Management, Promotions, And Markdowns For Retail

    Retalon’s Price Management & Optimization solution enables retailers to maintain optimal prices throughout the product lifecycle. The system intelligently accounts for many factors such as competitive data, product cannibalization, promotions & events as well as any policies, business rules, or constraints set by the user.

  3. The State Of IVRs In 2018 - Speech-Enabled IVRs Are Thriving

    Many organizations' customer service efforts have relied on interactive voice response (IVR) systems for decades, even as newer channels have emerged to expand customer self-service. But IVRs have evolved well beyond their simple menu-based origins to incorporate new technologies that are incredibly well suited to modern smartphones and thus offer greater flexibility and efficiencies for serving customers.

  4. Tech Trends Driving Omnichannel Profitability In 2018 And Beyond

    In 2018’s hotly competitive omnichannel retail environment, it’s back-end functions like inventory optimization, fraud prevention and the evolving role of store associates and customer service representatives that are the rising stars where retailers can maximize efficiency and profits. 

  5. A Forecast For Profits - Avoiding The Costly Consequences Of Poor Inventory Management

    In today's omnichannel environment, optimizing inventory across multiple stores and distribution centers is an enormous challenge impacting a retailer’s bottom line. According to research from retail analyst firm IHL Group, retailers are losing up to $1.75 trillion in overstocks and out-of-stocks every year.

  6. How Blind ASN Carton Receiving Creates Lost Sales And Excess Inventory

    Greg Holder, CEO of Compliance Networks, explains how blind receiving of cartons via ASNs creates inventory stock outs, excess inventory and lost sales.

  7. The Fundamentals Of Bad Mobile Device Batteries And How To Prevent Them From Hurting Your Mobile Operations

    Today retail runs on mobility and mobility runs on batteries. Listen in on this podcast to learn more about how having the right batteries for your retail mobility solution is key.

  8. Ecommerce Is On The Rise: How Does Packaging Need To Perform?

    Hear from a group of experts on how your packaging can perform well in all situations while minimizing material usage.

  9. Optimizing Packaging For The Demands Of Parcel Shipping

    Hear from a group of experts how you can better optimize your packaging to meet the demands of retail parcel shipping.

  10. Introducing Batteries-as-a-Service

    Listen in as IRT’s Chief Editor, Erin Harris, talks to GTS’ VP of Marketing, JR Rodrigues, about some of the next-gen ways retailers can leverage batteries to run their operations more effectively.