Retail IT Case Studies

  • Automated Cash Management Technology Becomes A Time Saver For Pennsylvania Hardware Store

    Sometimes seeing is believing. Just ask the owners of Quincy Hardware in Waynesboro, PA, who were so impressed with a demonstration of APG Cash Drawer’s SMARTtill ® Intelligent Cash Drawer Solution that they simply had to have it. Never mind that the store had just deployed two brand-new cash drawers a year earlier.

  • APG Sneeze Guards Strike A Chord For Music Stores, Keeping Employees And Patrons Safe

    A music store is more than a place of commerce. It’s a community haven for musicians who gather to discuss their favorite gear, try out instruments, and trade techniques. And it’s a place of dreams, where aspiring young musicians picture themselves playing the world’s stages.

  • Tumbleweed Keeps It Fresh With Cybera

    At Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill & Margarita Bar, the focus is on fresh, authentic Tex Mex cuisine. But as the company’s sole IT management professional, Gill Rudolph focuses on keeping the IT network running as smoothly as possible across 19 restaurant sites in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

  • With A Focus On Customer Convenience, Wag! Is The Model For Mobile-First Support

    Ask any dog owner and they will tell you that their dog is more than just a pet, they are a member of the family. From the moment they meet, owners create a lifetime bond, and care for their furry friends. Dog owners will go to great lengths to provide the best food, treats, toys, and especially health and wellness care. 

  • Jerry’s Foods Excels With Scale Computing’s In-Store Edge Computing Infrastructure

    Founded in 1947 at Grandview Market in Edina, Minnesota by Jerry Paulsen, Jerry’s Foods, a national grocery store chain that includes Cub Foods, County Market, and Save-A-Lot, has a unique commitment to the customer and a strong history of excellence. For over 50 years, Jerry’s Foods has remained an integral part of their neighborhood, focused on being purposeful, family-focused and serving the smart shopper.

  • Nodecraft Levels Up And Saves 85% With Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

    Bleeding-Edge Gaming Platform Provider Maintains Focus on Delivering Premier Private Online Multiplayer Experience at an Affordable Price with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and Cloudflare.

  • Instacart Offers In-App Support On A Global Scale With UJET

    Everyone has to shop for groceries. That might be a daily trip after work or part of your weekend errands; going to the grocery store means dealing with crowds, waiting in lines, and likely forgetting something from your list. In 2018, the average U.S. household made 1.6 grocery shopping trips per week.

  • How Kraft Heinz Gets Instant Insights On Field Sales Execution Nationwide

    Nearly 100 sales reps represent Kraft Heinz in stores across Canada. Here's how Repsly's Advanced Reporting empowers them to share execution insights from the field in real time.

  • Dry Point Distillers Installs Nobly EPOS To Manage Bustling Tasting Room

    Realizing they needed a point of sale system, Chris turned to the internet to find a company that could help them install a single terminal at the right price point. After researching several vendors, he found Nobly POS, a U.K.-based company with offices in the U.S., Uruguay, and Australia. The company focuses on point of sale solutions for small, independent businesses around the world, which made it the perfect fit for the Dry Point Distillery.

  • Carvana Streamlines Security With Cloud Access Control Platform

    Carvana’s mission is to change the way people buy cars. By removing the traditional dealership infrastructure and replacing it with technology and exceptional customer service, Carvana offers consumers an intuitive and convenient online car buying and financing platform.