Case Study

Clothing Curator Dia&Co Delivers Tailor-Made Customer Experiences With UJET

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Flowy or fitted? Trendy or classic? Dia&Co poses these critical questions to customers when they register online for its subscription-based, personal styling service for women. Dia&Co curates plus-size apparel to suit the “style, body and budget” of every woman it serves. The company’s style experts hand-pick garments and then ship them in a neatly packed “Dia Box.” Customers try on the items at home and choose what they want to keep.

CEO Nadia Boujarwah cofounded Dia&Co in 2015. A fashion-lover, Boujarwah says she struggled for years to find clothes that fit her body and suited her personal style. Dia&Co, she explains, is a way for women like her to embrace their individuality and “explore all the incredible things that style can really do.” Today, the fast-growing company, based in New York City, has more than 500 employees and has worked with millions of women in the United States.


Dia&Co’s core mission is to “spark radical self-love through style.” And while Boujarwah and cofounder Lydia Gilbert understood how to meet the needs of an underserved population of women seeking fashionable apparel, they weren’t sure how to deliver a customer support experience that would delight their subscribers.

“We had a lot to figure out initially,” says Lauren Collins, Dia&Co’s Senior Manager of Customer Experience. “We always have been committed to providing exceptional service to our customers, but we weren’t certain initially of the best method for handling our incoming contacts efficiently. Additionally, we knew we wanted to set up feedback loops, so we could hear directly from our customers about how to improve our service and products and take action on that feedback.”

Collins says making it effortless for the Dia&Co customer to contact customer support “where and how she wants” was a priority. So, too, was aligning the right tools and refining work processes so that agents could focus on customer success and delivering outstanding service.


Dia&Co set out to find an IVR telephony solution to help meet its immediate customer support goals. “IVR telephony is important for us, because personalized service via phone is a big part of our service commitment,” says Collins. “But after researching UJET — which delivers seamless voice and chat experiences across all customer entry points: phone, web and mobile app — the team at Dia&Co realized they should also keep an eye toward the future.

“We were sold on UJET’s product vision, especially the mobile SDK,” Collins explains. “They had a great vision for a seamless, multichannel experience.”

Even more compelling, she says, is the fact that UJET and Dia&Co have similar values — namely, they both take a white-glove approach when interacting with their customers. “We had such a pleasant experience with UJET,” she says. “They were never pushy, which spoke volumes. We think pushy salespeople are indicative of how a company thinks about its clients. Like UJET, we believe our product and vision speak for themselves.”

Collins adds, “We were looking for a partner, not just a vendor that we never communicate with. The ability to provide feedback on a product and inform your technology provider about your needs really matters. Getting help when you need it is important, too — and we have been so impressed with the success and support function at UJET.”


Since implementing UJET, Dia&Co has been experiencing historically high customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores — in the 90s — which it measures through its Zendesk customer relationship management (CRM) software. The company also has realized cost savings of 28 percent since switching from its previous customer support solution to UJET.

UJET’s custom status data is also helping Dia&Co to make smart decisions about how to staff their support function. “Real-time visibility into metrics like service level and queuing helps us to better manage our intraday labor planning,” Collins says. “For example, if we have 24 people queuing, we can reallocate labor from live chat to the phone for 20 minutes to clear the queue.”

Data insights from UJET are helping Dia&Co to drive product innovation and manage IT resources more effectively, too. “The data we are collecting on how long agents are spending on certain projects is helping us to push product improvements forward and prioritize work with our tech teams,” Collins says.

The process of coaching and training agents is also easier with UJET, according to Collins: “Because UJET is a cloud-based solution, it’s really easy to have people in other departments or even other locations listen in on calls. Even our founders get on calls sometimes.”

Collins adds, “We are also using UJET to integrate listening sessions into our employee onboarding experience across the company. The voice of our customer is top of mind at Dia&Co. The more people we can expose to our customer and what goes on with her, the better.”