Retail IT Case Studies

  1. CEFCO Convenience Stores Fuel Success With The Cybera Network Managed Services Platform

    Like many highly distributed businesses, CEFCO Convenience Stores realized that its long-term growth depended on delivering a consistently positive customer experience across its network of 225 stores in the Southeastern U.S. The company also knew it could achieve that goal only by embracing innovative new technologies.

  2. Clothing Curator Dia&Co Delivers Tailor-Made Customer Experiences With UJET

    Dia&Co’s core mission is to “spark radical self-love through style.” And while CEO Nadia Boujarwahand cofounder Lydia Gilbert understood how to meet the needs of an underserved population of women seeking fashionable apparel, they weren’t sure how to deliver a customer support experience that would delight their subscribers.

  3. Yoshi’s Japanese Grill Hits The Road With iPad POS And Smart Printers Lighting the Way

    Limited by an aging legacy POS system, Yoshi’s Enso Japanese Grill struggled to expand operations. As Yoshi’s popularity skyrocketed, it needed a smarter system to take its restaurant to new heights.

  4. Smart Printers And Online Ordering Solution Fuel Restaurant Chain’s Growth

    With plans for rapid expansion, Taziki’s looked to grow off-premise dining revenues and reduce labor costs in the face of changing labor laws.

  5. POS Solution With Intelligent Printers Have Reinvented Kitchen Efficiency And Throughput At Local Restaurant

    Challenged by QSR and fast food chains, Rich’s Burgers-N-Grub looked to streamline operations and speed food orders to get lunchtime patrons back to work and keep customer loyalty high.

  6. Jeng Chi Chinese Restaurant Rolls Out New Tech And Rakes In New Profits

    Jeng Chi needed to upgrade out-of-date systems with relocation to a larger site and to help keep up with restaurant growth.

  7. Wireless Printers With iPad-Based POS Ensure Flawless Service For Even The Largest Parties

    Bully’s East was looking to reduce labor costs, improve order accuracy, and step up the pace of its servers for a smooth dining experience that would keep loyal customers coming back for more.

  8. Smart Technology Speeds Up Lines At A Busy University Cafeteria

    See how they dramatically expedited the ordering process by installing three kiosks where students can place a high volume of orders in record time and allowing one kiosk to serve orders to multiple smart kitchen printers.

  9. Embedded ID Scanners Help Credit Union Crack Down On Identity Fraud

    As one of the largest Arizona-based credit unions with $3.8 billion in assets and more than 3000.00 members at 47 locations, Desert Schools FCU needed a solid solution to help prevent fraudulent transactions and improve member service while conserving valuable space at the teller window.

  10. New POS Solution Greatly Improves Santa Cruz Boardwalk Concession Transaction Speed

    With Best-of-Breed POS Technology, Feeding the Masses is a Day at the Beach at the Historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.