Bob Johns

Bob Johns


Bob Johns is a contributing writer focusing on the retail, hospitality, and food industries


  • An Apparel Retailer Leverages Distribution For 30% Growth

    With 600 employees and 32 locations, vineyard vines decided to outsource its distribution to focus on continued growth and promoting its brand.

  • Specialty Retailer Bling Bling Drives Sales Through Loyalty

    This small retailer is driving repeat and referral business by teaming up with other local businesses for a joint loyalty card.

  • Moosejaw Creates Personal Customer Experience With Mobile POS

    The outdoor apparel and gear retailer is capitalizing on its new mobile POS to engage customers on the floor and maximize customer-associate interaction.

  • Norway’s Largest Retailer Conquers Tobacco Theft

    NorgesGruppen needed to not only comply with upcoming tobacco regulations, but also reduce internal and external theft of tobacco products.

  • Australia — The Next Big Market For Retailers?

    Retailers are moving internationally at a rapid pace as everyone is looking for the next big market. For U.S. retailers, much of this expansion has centered on Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Western Europe. However, as these markets continue to have sluggish economies, there is a new market that seems to be getting some significant attention, Australia.

  • Omni-Channel Retailing — The Only Way To Truly Capture The Customer

    At NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2013, one of the big announcements involved full release of SuiteCommerce for retail coming this summer. The all-encompassing platform for true omni-channel retailing has been available in limited release to several customers. One of these customers, Williams Sonoma announced it had migrated four of its brands, Williams Sonoma, West End, Pottery Barn, and Pottery Barn Kids, to the platform in an astounding 90-day timeframe.

  • Fulfillment — Your Last Chance For Branding

    Fulfillment has risen to the top of the list as a key differentiator in the customer engagement race. Retailers are struggling not only to handle fulfillment, but they also struggle to make this final piece of the transaction with the customer a rewarding experience. This is where 3PL company Dotcom Distribution comes in.

  • Same-Day Delivery — Boon Or Bane For Retailers?

    In the May 2013 issue of Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine, Chief Editor Matt Pillar discusses “The Death Of The Channel-Purist Retailer” and efforts by online retailers to offer same-day fulfillment. We have already seen efforts by retailers to be able to fulfill orders from the physical store for online purchases. (See “Stores As Fulfillment Centers — Are Retailers Ready?”) Now we are seeing a push by some pretty big players to fulfill online orders the same day. By Bob Johns, associate editor

  • Do You Know Who Has Access To Your Data?

    Big Data is the king of retail now. Whether you are talking about customer, inventory, financial, or employee data, information is the key to driving retail growth. Think about it. Every system or solution used in retail is now feeding the company information. The POS is tracking basket size, exceptions, number of items purchased, speed of checkout, and a million other things. The IP surveillance cameras are capturing traffic data, demographics, conversion, wait times, and customer service. The CRM is tracking preferences, purchase histories, and loyalty. The WFM system is tracking hours, payroll, skill levels, tasks completed, and training. By Bob Johns, associate editor