Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar

Matt Pillar is the chief editor at Channel Executive.


  • There Is No Magic Code

    I receive dozens of purportedly transformational, groundbreaking, industry-saving solutions to your most complex and dire challenges every single day. They flow steadily, right into my inbox, keeping pace with the promises that if I click to buy a bottle of pills, I’ll stop snoring, reverse my receding hairline, and eliminate my gut without lifting a finger.

  • His Vision. Her Execution.

    Here’s how husband-and-wife channel execs Scott and Alicia Kreisberg maintain doubledigit growth—and a happy marriage.

  • Welcome To The Post-POS Era

    The store? It’s not dead, but it’s playing a rapidly shrinking role in consumer mindshare.

  • Inside Cavender’s Culture Of Collaboration

    Interdisciplinary interaction is the recipe for success at Cavender’s, where operations, merchandising, and marketing work as a cohesive business unit.

  • Is There Enough Millenial Mindshare In Merchandising

    An RSR analyst expresses concern that merchandising emphasis is skewed too heavily toward Generation X.

  • A Craftsman Of Customer Centricity

    Whether in a stream or a store, Orvis Customer Experience Officer Dave Finnegan seeks a religious experience.

  • Planning Proficiency At The Paper Store

    A look at how the 60-store specialty retail chain took control of its diverse merchandise mix and overcame the ups and downs of seasonality.

  • IoT-Inspired Innovation

    Kroger doubles down on the Internet of Things

  • Why Walmart’s Free Shipping Play Won’t Work

    Welcome news to consumers though it may be, the impact of Walmart’s free two-day shipping play will have minimal impact on consumer loyalty to Amazon.

  • An Insider’s Take On Innovation

    We sat down with a pioneer of the retail innovation game to understand where he came from, how he works, and how he got to Neiman Marcus.