White Paper

A Fully Managed Integrated Network Solution Was Just What O 'Charley 's Ordered

Source: Vanguard Managed Solutions

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With over 161 restaurants in 14 states across the Southeast and Midwest,O 'Charley 's Inc. is famous for providing a full service,casual dining experience.Forbes Magazine honored O 'Charley 's as one of the 200 Best Small Companies in America in 2000 and 2001. The company 's success is built on a foundation of good traditional foods.In 2000,the company served sixty seven million homemade yeast rolls and 314,742 pieces of their famous O 'Charley 's caramel pie.

O 'Charley 's is hoping that their continued success will be helped by good data —and lots of it.To do this, the company began to reassess its data communications needs in January of 2000. To build an integrated network infrastructure that connected over 161 restaurants with O 'Charley 's headquarters, and enabled new revenue-generating and internal campaigns.

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