Magazine Article | December 18, 2012

Ace Tool Increases Online Conversion By 340% Through Recommendations

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

January 2013 Integrated Solutions For Retailers

By Bob Johns, associate editor

The specialty tool retailer is able to increase basket size by 2.9% and triple online conversion through personalized recommendations.

How does a specialty tool retailer capitalize on a growing e-commerce site? By maximizing the basket size and creating a customized customer experience. In 2011, Maria Polidoro, owner of Ace Tool, knew that she wanted to expand her online sales beyond the current numbers. The company has been online for 10 years, and online sales have been steadily increasing every year, even through the construction economic downturn. But, Polidoro wanted to maximize her online sales. “My customers were coming online, finding what they needed, and leaving right away,” she laments. Then Polidoro figured, “It is a lot easier for me to work with my existing customer and get extra value than to try and go after new customers.”