News | February 4, 2020

AiFi And Carnegie Mellon University Collaborate On Autonomous Retail Competition At CPS-IoT Week

Teams encouraged to apply now; AiFi Research and Carnegie Mellon with participation from Stanford and UC Merced scientists are hosting a two-day hands-on contest for accurate, fast auto-checkout solutions

AiFi, the technology company creating the world's most advanced Autonomous Store Platform, today announced a collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University to provide competition for researchers to develop better, faster and more accurate autonomous checkout software solutions. The competition is being run as part of the Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things (CPS-IOT) Week in Sydney, Australia with the actual contest taking place on April 21-22. Abstracts describing a team's approach and deployment requirements are due on or before Feb. 28, 2020.

During the CPS-IoT Week, industry and academics will be able to test and design new approaches and compare their approaches under similar conditions. Autonomous stores can offer more convenience with 24/7 shopping hours, stock analysis in real-time and a better understanding of human shopping behavior. The competition allows teams of graduate students and industry groups to understand and explore autonomous store technology.

"This competition brings both industry and academia together by reducing the barrier of entry for researchers to access data and infrastructure. At AiFi we are very proud of our accomplishments including deploying 10 autonomous stores with major retailers including Albert Heijn and Carrefour," said João Diogo Falcão, VP of Engineering, AiFi. "It is always a thrill when we bring opportunity and data to the best researchers in the world and see how they use it. We will provide video feeds, 3D position of all humans in the store, weight sensor data, layout information and a trigger so you know when someone exits the store. This competition will be our new way of supporting the scientific mission of the conference and help bring autonomous retail to its peak."

"Smart systems in life face many challenges because of the complexity of the physical world. A heterogeneous sensing system dataset that is deployed in real-world scenarios for a long time is very precious for filling the gap between industrial and university research. We are very happy that the AutoCheck competition hosted by AiFi Inc. provides the students not only the dataset but also an opportunity to understand the smart systems research happening in Silicon Valley." said Shijia Pan, Assistant Professor from UC Merced and Publicity Chair in the Organizing Committee of CPS-IoT Week.

To compete in the Autonomous Checkout competition, all techniques such as vision-only, sensors only or sensor fusion are welcome except those that require humans' manual interaction. Competitors will be able to test their algorithms using a public dataset provided by AiFi in collaboration with CMU. During the competition, competitors will be able to deploy their system and test it a day before the evaluation day. Results will be shown and processed in the store's infrastructure and servers. Competition details and rules are available here. For more information about the competition, visit here. The deadline for initial abstracts is Feb. 28 and the competition takes place in Sydney, Australia, April 21-22.

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Source: AiFi