White Paper

2016 Annual Digital Commerce Survey

Source: EarthLink
Retail Digital Commerce

The information that digital commerce offers today’s shopper, combined with ubiquitous, easy-to-use technology, has put the power squarely in the customer’s hands.

Today’s customer is always connected and always on. Digital and mobile commerce has elevated consumer’s expectations of the shopping experience. She expects service anytime, anywhere and any way she wants it. Retailers realize they need a different approach to enable a unified experience, one that supports today’s convergence of the digital and physical worlds. The answer is unified commerce.

BRP’s research over the last few years demonstrates that retailers have generally embraced unified commerce as the best way to overcome and break down the traditional silos around individual channels and bridge the physical and digital worlds.

As retailers aspire to meet customer expectations for a seamless holistic shopping experience across channels, many are considering their order management system (OMS) as a single centralized platform to fulfill the persistent order, or “single, shared cart,” requirements. A retailer’s OMS is well positioned to be the heart or center of a unified commerce platform for all channels.