From The Editor | April 18, 2016

Application Performance Optimization: Using KPIs To Counter Network Conformity

Source: EarthLink
Application Performance Optimization

By Dave Johnson, EarthLink Business

In order to more fully utilize existing WAN bandwidth, a CIO has to ensure employees and customers have the ability to access the right application at the right time with the right performance level. In our prior post on Application Performance Optimization, we referenced Apple’s groundbreaking “1984” TV spot which introduced the Mac to the world. We mentioned it to highlight the conformity of thought IT leaders face when they have to pass more applications and cloud services through their business networks. That conformity centers around the belief that the only solution at their disposal to accomplish the objective is “buy more bandwidth.”

What “hammer throwing” alternatives do technology decision makers have today to smash through this “more bandwidth” is the answer mindset?

As previously mentioned, in order to break away from this “1984-style” conformist thinking, a CIO needs to have a solution that addresses three fundamental needs:

  1. A single source for complete visibility on what applications are running across their WAN, how they are utilizing available bandwidth, and how the applications are performing from a quality perspective.
  1. A tool to dynamically adjust network behavior and resources to meet fluctuating needs, conditions, and demand.
  1. The means to balance traffic between locations over two or more network access paths.