Article | November 5, 2019

Banking Apps That Help You Manage All Your Finances Via Smartphone

By Ray Parker

Some Apps Better Than Others At Promoting Well-Being

Tracking and handling finances have become easier ever since mobile banking apps have been introduced. Imagine the struggle you had to face when managing the stack of bills to make payments each month. Common features of a mobile banking app allow viewing balance, previous records, account management, budgeting tools, and bill payments. They also offer fraud alerts to keep consumers aware of any cyberthreats. Most of these apps also provide credit score and also provide instant access to the account, from anywhere in the world.

Banks roll out new features to improve banking experience and continue to innovate to compete in the market. People consider banking apps that offer excellent and convenient features to the users. Banking and financial services industry (BFSI) is investing rigorously in improving their software apps to maintain their position in the market. They choose a reliable banking app testing company to ensure that their apps are smooth and secure. Let’s have a look at a few banking apps that help customers manage their accounts via smartphones:

Capital One Mobile App

According to research by J.D.Power Capital One’s banking app has gained popularity in the mobile app industry for providing easy navigation through the app. Capital One comes with features like checking balance, transferring money, etc. It also offers mobile deposits, online payments, etc. This app is famous for providing ease to the consumers in operating and managing their bank accounts conveniently.

BB&T Mobile App

BB&T mobile allows its users to analyze investments and create budgets using their tools. It saves customers from going to an ATM and helps make online payments easily. BB&T has been ranked as the second most convenient mobile app according to its functionality and high-performance. Its user-friendly interface makes it the best choice for customers.

Ally Mobile App

In need of transferring money to another account? Ally mobile app offers to transfer of funds from Ally account to the same bank, and other bank accounts too. You can easily track your search history and it also helps in locating the nearest ATM. they also have a 24/7 helpline that allows you to get in touch with your banker.

USAA Mobile App

USAA mobile app is one of the topmost favorite apps that allows you to log in to your account via face recognition, thumb face or voice recognition. This makes the app more secure than other mobile apps and comes with simple features. It helps to transfer funds to other accounts, bill payments, etc.via Zelle. USAA also offers mobile deposits and locate ATMs using this app. In addition, it also offers banking and car insurance options but only to military members and their families. Yet it remains the most popular apps in the U.S.


Mobile banking apps have evolved with the growing technology trends. Digital transformation has brought banking at ease by allowing customers to manage their finances using smartphones. This has also gained popularity due to the increasing number of mobile users over the passage of time. So, banking app testing companies hold great importance in the quality assurance and success of mobile banking apps in the market.

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