Magazine Article | June 19, 2017

Big Changes To IRT

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Erin Harris, Editor-In-Chief, Cell & Gene
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This is the last issue you’ll receive of Innovative Retail Technologies.

Rest assured, IRT is in the throes of exciting, impactful change. If retailers know anything about innovation, it’s that you need to constantly evolve to meet your customers’ needs. We’re no different. We know the only constant is change, and change is good. I have quite a bit of good news to share with you, so let’s jump right in.

IRT Goes Fully Digital
Even though you won’t receive a hard copy of IRT in the mail going forward, Innovative Retail Technologies will continue to deliver via our website quality editorial about the innovative retail technologies retailers need to successfully run their businesses. Our commitment to covering innovative advancements in technology is stronger than ever, and you can continue to rely on us to be your trusted one-stop resource for pragmatic innovation. In fact, we’re launching an entire suite of segment-specific online resources for our audience (more on that later in this article).

Drastic Improvements To Circulation
So, why all the change? The IT products published by Jameson Publishing, including Innovative Retail Technologies, Business Solutions, and more, are undergoing drastic improvements in order to benefit our readers. Indeed, over the past year, we’ve devoted time, money, and resources to our circulation in order to better serve IRT’s ever-evolving readership. In addition to an abundance of IT and ops professionals, our circulation is growing rapidly to include even more C-level retail executives who rely on us to help them make high-level, mission-critical strategic business decisions that affect the entire enterprise. To better serve our readers, we’ve made thoughtful adjustments and improvements to our editorial products; we know retail executives need a world-class media resource that goes beyond the scope of technology and focuses on the overarching challenges keeping the C-suite up at night.

Enter Retail Executive Magazine
Times are changing rapidly in retail, and we are not afraid to change with them. That’s precisely why we are launching a brand-new, full-scale media resource geared solely to retail’s VP and C-level executives called Retail Executive magazine.

Retail Executive, which launches later this summer, will serve as the trusted advisor to top retail executives from the industry’s most profitable retailers. We will help retail executives succeed in their jobs and grow their businesses via exclusive, actionable, peer-driven content. We will do this by being the only industry resource to finally fuse business strategy, leadership, and innovation with customer experience, value, and delight. By supporting them to make lasting improvements to their performance, we help retail executives scale their contribution to their organization and their customers.

New Segment-Specific Online Resources
Remember the teaser in the beginning of this article about segment-specific online resources? There’s good news there, too. In conjunction with Retail Executive, we will be launching new segment-specific online resources for our readers, including (formerly,,, and As their names imply, these sites will host fresh, topical insight for retail professionals daily. Meanwhile, the exclusive content curated specifically for the C-suite and published in Retail Executive will be reflected online at

The bottom line is our entire team is dedicated to delivering the retail industry the exclusive, peer-driven, actionable information they need to better serve their customers and improve their profits. By launching Retail Executive, as well as our new suite of segment-specific online resources, we will do exactly that.