From The Editor | November 18, 2014

Black Friday Basics: Workforce Matters Most


By Erin Harris, editor-in-chief

Erin Harris, Executive Editor

CivicScience recently produced a holiday shopping report that segments consumers on when they will begin their holiday shopping. In the recent poll, CivicScience asked 9,229 consumers the following question: When it comes to shopping during the winter holidays, what best described you?

After filtering out consumers who do not plan to shop this year, 36% are last-minute shoppers, 26% are fall shoppers, 16% shop throughout the year, 17% are Thanksgiving shoppers and wait until the big sales start, and 5% of people shop early and have most of their shopping done before the end of summer.

According to the report, Thanksgiving shoppers are not overly invested in social media. The social sharing platform they do enjoy using more than others is Instagram, which they use 33% more likely than the general population. Smartphones and tablets are slightly more popular among this group than the general population. Marketers may want to think about social media promotions that take advantage of the photo-sharing nature of these shoppers.

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