Bringing IT Together: Major Theme of Upcoming Forum

Source: Axis Communications
Bringing Together

Hedgie Bartol, retail business development manager at Axis Communications, talked to LossPreventionInsights about the company’s upcoming Axis Retail Leadership Forum. Bartol explains that interdepartmental collaboration will be a major theme at this year’s event. Read on to learn more.

What is Axis Retail Leadership Forum? Explain.

Bartol: Axis Retail Leadership Forum is a place where retail security, loss prevention and IT professionals can network and have peer-to-peer discussions on industry trends. It’s an opportunity for retailers to learn more about the latest advances in retail and IP security technologies as well as best practices for business intelligence and smoother retail operations.

Unlike many industry events, Axis’ forum is a closed setting, meaning there are no vendors, exhibits, media, or even members of the sales team allowed on site. Our focus is on education and a closed setting allows for a more open discussion around real-world industry challenges. We are also proud to be accredited by the Loss Prevention Foundation for participants to earn one continuing education unit (CEU) per hour of education.