Case Study

Brookshire Grocery Company Optimizes Scheduling And Saves Labor Costs With WFM Solution

Source: Empower Software Solutions
Brookshire Grocery Company

With a rich history dating back to 1928, when Wood T. Brookshire opened a small, 25 x 100-foot store in downtown Tyler, Texas, Brookshire’s has now expanded to include over 150 stores, operating in three states. Wood Brookshire founded the company with a foremost concern for the well-being of others, and his dedication to his business and to his customers are characteristics that continue to influence the company today. Brookshire Grocery Co. is committed to putting people first and providing the best for its customers and employees – approximately 14,000 people known as “partners.”


With a workforce in the thousands, the need for optimized labor scheduling became a primary focus for the operations team at Brookshire’s. “While we had invested heavily in automation for many of our store processes, creating employee schedules was still something we did manually, which was very laborious for our store management,” said John D’Anna, Sr. VP – Chief Information Oficer. “It became apparent that we had a tremendous opportunity to improve labor eficiency and expense management with automated scheduling, and we projected we could also improve the satisfaction level of our partners and our customers.”

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