Magazine Article | May 10, 2006

Bulldog Technologies, Inc.

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

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Company Overview:
Bulldog Technologies, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of wireless security solutions and sensor networks that monitor and secure valuable cargo moving through the global supply chain. Bulldog’s Online Security Solutions (BOSS™) use advanced wireless technologies and easy-to-use Web-based software to track, monitor, and secure goods in transit, stored in distribution centers, in ports and holding yards.

Bulldog’s proprietary technology employs a monitoring system that detects suspicious activity on a real-time basis, detecting illegal entry of port storage cargo containers, theft of in-transit shipping containers, and covertly tracking high value cargo. Bulldog is resolving the security concerns of manufacturing industries, focusing on retail, pharmaceutical, and high-tech goods and is providing advanced security products to law enforcement, freight haulers, and government entities focused on commerce through ports and across international boundaries. With RFID technology added to their existing technology, Bulldog is positioned to be the leader in cargo security worldwide.

Product Description:
MiniBOSS™ is a cellular-based gpsOne assisted global positioning system (AGPS), covert asset tracking, monitoring, and recovery device designed to work in conjunction with BOSStrak™, a proprietary automatic vehicle location (AVL) software application, enabling users to securely track their shipments on a simple Web-based application.

RoadBOSS™ GTS is a portable, reusable external seal/sensor designed to monitor trailers and containers at any time during the supply chain delivery process. RoadBOSS™ GTS integrates with BOSStrak™ to provide real-time information regarding door-seal integrity and detailed time and location reports on the trailer.

YardBOSS™ is a portable, external yard security seal/sensor designed to protect loaded containers/trailers while stored in distribution centers, in ports and holding yards. The YardBOSS™ solution provides the ability to monitor door-seal integrity and any trailer movement. It interfaces with the Bulldog Security Server to allow for the use of rooftop sirens, flashing lights, and commercial security monitoring services.

Bulldog Technologies, Inc.
Contact Information:
Ron Dormoriz, Inside Sales Manager
11120 Horseshoe Way, Suite 301
Richmond, British Columbia V7A 5H7
PH: (604) 271-8656
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