Guest Column | August 27, 2021

Business Management Software – The Secret Weapon For Labor Shortage Hiring?

By Pat Shanahan, DaySmart


Walk down any main street or scroll through most retailers’ websites and you’ll likely stumble upon job openings. A recent report by the U.S Chamber of Commerce found that there are approximately half as many available workers as there are vacant positions. The report deems this a workforce crisis, and it’s especially hard on small businesses who are reporting the highest number of job openings in almost 50 years.

Retailers already understand the typical challenges of hiring, between finding a candidate with exceptional people skills and ensuring they’re a fit with the team, it has never been easy. Now, with added obstacles and the holiday shopping season creeping closer, how can retailers attract – and retain – employees? Part of the solution can be found with business management software that automates processes so employees have fewer tasks to worry about and a better work experience.

Streamline Operational Tasks

When a business is understaffed, it can feel impossible to get anything done. Dropped tasks that need to be done on a day-to-day basis pile up into logistical nightmares that can seem overwhelming. This also can lead to negative customer experiences and stressed, unhappy employees. Fortunately, automation can take over some of those administrative responsibilities for effortless (and more accurate) results without a steep price tag.

For instance, inventory, a time-consuming process that’s easy to put off, can be easily automated by software with just a few clicks. Retailers can quickly see which products are available, which are most popular, and which aren’t moving like expected. By automating this process, you’ll gain increased capacity and decreased stress and so will your employees. You can all feel confident the task is being done with the highest degree of accuracy.

Many other tasks can be streamlined with business management software, from payroll to employee scheduling. Taking these administrative tasks off the daily to-do list will help retailers run their operations smoothly, even when they’re spread thin.

Get Employees Out Of The Stock Room

With potential hires having so many employers to choose from, businesses need to use every selling point to win new employees and keep the ones they have. Retailers who use business management software will have the upper hand since their employees won’t have to do busy work. With monotonous tasks automated, teams will be reenergized since they can focus on the more rewarding aspects of the job.

Let’s face it – most people don’t get into retail because they love to count inventory. At their heart, retail teams are made up of people who enjoy connecting with clients to make a sale and meet a need. Getting employees out of the back room and onto the floor talking with customers will drive sales and make the job truly fulfilling.

Keeping employees happy is not simply a bonus, it’s essential to attracting talent and increasing productivity. Employees want to join and stay at organizations that are at the forefront of their industry and encourage growth. With tech tools like business management software, employees can challenge themselves with rewarding responsibilities, not daily drudgery.

With the right business management software, retailers won’t have to sacrifice top-tier service during the labor shortage. Automating tasks like inventory and payroll can free up employees for more complex interactions, while operations continue to run with even higher efficiency.

Employees who aren’t forced to complete tedious administrative tasks will feel rewarded and be more productive, decreasing the risk of losing them to better offers elsewhere. Potential new hires also will be persuaded by the possibility of less menial labor, meaning businesses can fill those open positions sooner. As business continues to boom, retailers should invest in the right business management software to ensure they are cultivating a positive work environment that employees want to join.

About The Author

Patrick Shanahan is CEO of DaySmart, providers of business management software that supports entrepreneurs in operating and growing their businesses. Patrick is an expert in the payments and FinTech space and has ushered DaySmart into an era of growth with recent acquisitions of AppointmentPlus, Vetter, and Dash Platform.