Magazine Article | June 19, 2017

Can Technology Bridge The Gap Between Strategy And Execution

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Liz Miller, senior VP marketing, CMO Council

Marketers are under an enormous amount of pressure to deliver growth-driving opportunity for the business while delivering flawless, omni-channel experiences that last a lifetime to today’s connected customers. This is especially true of fastmoving, consumer-obsessed industries such as CPG manufacturers, retailers, and e-tailers where the customer is expecting to be treated as a unique individual rather than a broad persona.

Today’s connected customer expects to be met with personalized experiences that consider their lifetime engagement history right alongside actions and behaviors they engaged in moments before. They expect that, in recognition of past engagements and business, brands will take their individual actions and circumstances into account (including purchase history, preferences, timing, locations, devices, problems, etc.) and engage accordingly, regardless of where or when the customer initiates that engagement. Should brands not meet this expectation, the customer is more than happy to take their business elsewhere.