Guest Column | January 22, 2019

Cash Back Programs And How They Work

By Mark Myers, SHOP.COM

Increase In ATM Withdrawals Could Mean Opportunity To Sell Cash Management Solutions

With so many online programs that offer cash back, it can be hard to tell which ones give online shoppers the most bang for their buck — and their time. SHOP.COM. EvoShare. Earny. Ibotta. Ebates. Discover and other cash back credit cards. The list goes on and on, however, some of these programs are clearly superior to others.

Cash Back On YOUR Terms

While there are many sites that offer cash back, they also apply many stipulations and limitations on how and when customers can use their cash back. Look at Ebates: Online shoppers can cash out when they have earned $5.01 or more — but Ebates only offers payouts every three months, with the money online shoppers have earned over the previous quarter. Some might consider this a clunky and inconvenient system. Compare this with SHOP.COM’s Cashback program where customers have better options. Shoppers can leave the money earned in their Cashback account, using these funds only when they want or need to – sort of like a rainy day or holiday savings account. Another option is to have the earnings electronically deposited to their own bank account once they earn $10.00.

Partnering For Productive Purchases

EvoShare spotlights their 300 plus online retailers and Earny tracks approximately 50 stores. SHOP.COM, on the other hand, partners with more than 2,500 merchants. While many cash back programs, including these three, compete to offer the best percentage customers will receive on qualifying purchases, SHOP.COM’s Cashback program has upped the ante with its SHOPBUDDY tool. Customers download this browser extension so that, when they visit SHOP.COM partner stores, SHOPBUDDY notifies them about special deals, savings and even coupons that are available on the particular partner store they are visiting. An added benefit to the online shopping experience is that SHOPBUDDY continually tracks partner stores that customers visit most often. SHOPBUDDY uses this information to qualify which of the close to 20,000 daily deals are truly relevant and worth sharing with its customers.

Cashback Program Photo

SHOP.COM’s Cashback program is one to consider.

Simple And Rewarding Recurring Purchases

A rebate system called Ibotta allows users to complete tasks (i.e., watch a short video) and earn cash back on grocery items. The downside to this is the process itself, which requires the user to find the time in their schedule to complete these various tasks. SHOP.COM’s AutoShip program, on the other hand, allows customers to earn cash back by setting up recurring orders. From cosmetics to health supplements, almost everything shoppers purchase on a regular basis can be added to the SHOP.COM AutoShip program and delivered on a schedule that works for the customer. SHOP.COM gives their customers control and automation over their shopping.

The Power Of Double Dipping

Some credit cards, such as the Citi Double Cash Card, offer programs that allow consumers to get increased cash back. With Citi, consumers get 1 percent cash back on purchases and another 1 percent when those purchases are paid off. SHOP.COM gives its customers a much richer return for their loyalty. First, customers buy a gift card that offers cash back. Then, customers use the gift card to purchase something from a participating online partner store. In this way, customers receive cash back on the gift card purchase and cash back on the purchases made with the gift card. This is known as “double dipping.” SHOP.COM customers can even “triple dip” when they use their SHOP.COM credit card (which pays cash back) to purchase the gift card. Similarly, SHOP.COM customers can earn cash back from their offline purchases when they shop at businesses in their local area that participate in SHOP.COM’s SHOP Local program.

While there are many cash back programs available online, the challenge is to find a program that meets the various needs of online shoppers, while also being user-friendly. SHOP.COM’s Cashback program is definitely one to consider.

About The Author

Mark Myers is the Director of Partner Programs at SHOP.COM. Mark's primary focus is ensuring that all customer rewards are accurately tracked and awarded. Mark has a degree in Business Administration & Office Technologies from ECPI of Greensboro, N.C., and in Micro System Technology from Rockingham Community College in Wentworth, N.C.