Casio's QT-2000 a Winner at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium

In Washington, DC admist behind-the-scene negotiations, the give-and-take approach, the "Me, too" attitude, and the frequently asked question, "What have you done for me lately?" Casio's QT-2000 stands firm in Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. The stadium, recently re-named Redskin Stadium, is home of the Washington Redskin professional football team. The stadium also hosts other sporting and entertainment events thought out the year.

Upon the completion of the stadium, Volumes Food Services, the operators of the stadium's food and beverage service, began a search for new POS equipment. The decision for the new POS equipment depended upon the equipment's ease of use, speed, accuracy, durability, and price.

Capital Cash Register (Capitol Heights, MD) approached Volume with Casio's QT-2000 POS system. The QT-2000 was selected over other manufacturers' products because it better suited all of Volume's requirements for a POS system. With the QT-2000, Volume increased customer satisfaction through the speed of service and accuracy of orders.

Volume Food Service selected the Cigar Bar — its most prominent, demanding and busiest location in the stadium — as the pilot site to install Casio's QT-2000. The hour preceding and following the game plus the 15 minute half-time intermission are the busiest and most demanding times of the day for the business. There is very little opportunity for transactions during these periods. The influx of customers demand quick service when arriving and expected speed in presenting and settling their orders when they are ready to leave. The QT-2000 provided the servers a POS system that allowed them to quickly start a customer's order, enter items, finalize current orders, and have the orders reliably and quickly printed and sent to the bar or kitchen for preparation.

Volume Food Services wanted the POS equipment not just to operate properly, but to report accurately as well. During nightly closings, the QT-2000 reports how many items were sold, quantity of each item sold, and what each item represented toward total sales for the day. In addition to the item-movement information, Volume also gains detailed server accountability from the QT-2000. The QT-2000 provides information about what a server sold (detailed item tracking), commissions due, tips due, sale totals, and what the server owes Volume in Cash and Credit. Volume also needed to be ensured that orders were entered correctly, and that customers were not served anything that was not entered into the POS system. Also, the system ensures that servers are accountable for what they sold and received payment for.

Originally, four Casio QT-2000's were installed at the stadium. However, after the first game, Volume saw the success and benefits of the equipment and installed two more machines for the second game. By the end of the first football season with the new equipment, Jack Kent Cooke Stadium had installed nine Casio QT-2000's in the Cigar Bar. And, for the second season, seven more Casio QT-2000 were installed in a new operation called the Sportsman Bar. Overall, there are 16 Casio QT-2000's installed at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. Nine are networked together in the Cigar Bar, with all sharing receipt, kitchen, and bar printers with floating guest checks. The remaining seven units in the Sportsman Bar enjoy the same functionality.