News | May 10, 2012

Centennial Beverage Group Chooses Shift4

Las Vegas, NV (Marketwire) - Shift4 Corporation, the world's largest independent payment gateway, today announces an expanded relationship with Centennial Beverage Group, LLC (CBG).

As North Texas' leading merchant of spirits, wine, and beer, CBG operates under five distinct brand names: Centennial, Big Daddy's, Doc's, Fat Dog, and the recently acquired Majestic.

"When they brought Majestic into their lineup, CBG knew they wanted to implement a universal payments solution that would allow them to keep the existing infrastructure for each location (in terms of both payment devices and financial institutions) while transitioning all of their properties to Microsoft RMS," said Daniel Montellano, Shift4's Director of Strategic Business Development.

Fortunately, several key members of the new CBG family were familiar with Shift4 and its ability to provide just such a solution.

"Majestic has been a longtime, very satisfied client of Shift4 and we feel that DOLLARS ON THE NET®, their market-leading technology that protects our customers' private credit card data, is the right system for CBG to adopt for our entire retail platform," said CBG President Greg Wonsmos. "As we integrated Majestic into the CBG operating model, we found an opportunity to offer all CBG customers the premier gateway service on the market, one that provides the best in security and faster transaction processing than we have ever had," Wonsmos said.

Not only does Shift4's solution allow CBG to continue using their existing hardware infrastructure, it also provides them with a complete tokenization solution, pre- and post-settlement auditing, fraud controls, advanced reporting features, and a number of other benefits that make Shift4's DOLLARS ON THE NET the fastest, most reliable, and most secure payment gateway on the market today.

"It's a great compliment to learn that our solution impressed the CBG board enough to implement DOLLARS ON THE NET across their enterprise," Montellano said. "But more exciting to us is that we've strengthened our relationship with CBG, a great company that's destined for major growth -- and we'll be right there alongside them."

About Shift4 Corporation
Founded in Las Vegas in 1994, Shift4 Corporation is the world's largest independent gateway, serving more than 20,000 clients in several industries, including Hospitality, Retail, Food & Beverage, Mail/Telephone Order, and e-Commerce. Boasting more than 350 POS/PMS integrations and maintaining absolute bank- and processor-neutrality, Shift4 is proudly merchant-centric, helping clients secure the best discount rates while providing industry-leading security, speed, and reliability. Recognized as a pioneer of Tokenization, Shift4 has processed more than three billion tokenized transactions since it coined the term in 2005. Shift4's DOLLARS ON THE NET® solution provides unparalleled pre- and post-settlement auditing capabilities, fraud protection, and drastically simplified PCI compliance. For more information, visit

About Centennial Beverage Group, LLC
Centennial Beverage Group, LLC, is a Dallas, Fort Worth based merchant of Spirits, Beer, and Wine. CBG operates under five distinct brand names across North Texas; Centennial, Majestic, Big Daddy's, Doc's, and Fat Dog.

Additional information about Centennial Beverage Group, LLC, may be obtained by calling (214) 630-5000, or by visiting

SOURCE: Shift4 Corporation