CFI Document Management

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CFI Group

Quickly respond to customer satisfaction needs when all of your documents are organized on the CFI platform. Cloud-based CFI Document Management makes it easier than ever to manage important documents, allowing you to make better, more informed decisions that drive customer satisfaction.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction through Collaboration

With CFI Document Management, you can:

  • Manage program documents and related documents in a single location
  • Upload documents at your convenience
  • Store numerous document formats (pdf, ppt, xlsx, doc, csv, etc.)
  • Share documents based on role, allowing users to see only what’s necessary
  • Access any time, any where

The Benefits

As a cloud application, CFI Document Management offers users the benefit of access to all documents regardless of physical location or device used, supporting the growing trend of working remotely. Users can easily manage their files wherever they are, allowing them to quickly respond to customer satisfaction needs. Plus, the application is configurable to meet the needs of each user, allowing organizations to set parameters so that individuals are only able to view permissible documents.

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