From The Editor | June 29, 2015

Coming Soon: Innovative Retail Technologies


By Erin Harris, editor-in-chief


You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been covering innovation in retail extensively over the past several months. That’s by design, and we have you, our dedicated readers, to thank. You’re in the throes of experiencing the retail’s industry’s evolution, and so are we. The retail industry has evolved to the point where innovation means something, because, today, there’s more to retail than just keeping the lights on. Success in retail means delivering a consistently pleasant and seamless experience no matter how the customer shops your brand. As such, you’ve asked for more information about pragmatic innovation in retail, and we’ve listened.

Integrated Solutions For Retailers has spent more than 15 years helping you make informed decisions about technology and operations for all your sales channels. But just as the retail industry is finding ways to embrace innovation, the time has come for us to innovate as well. The July/August issue of Integrated Solutions For Retailers will hit your mailboxes this week. Be sure to read it cover to cover, because as always, it’s packed with actionable data to help you solve your business challenges. But that issue of Integrated Solutions For Retailers will be your last.

We’re thrilled to announce that as of the following issue, September/October, you will receive Innovative Retail Technologies. In a nutshell, the name says it all.

Innovative Retail Technologies’ commitment to the reader is to break down tough customer experience scenarios with innovation in a way that’s easy to digest, implement, and afford.

Here’s what you need to know before the official launch on August 28th. Matt Pillar and I will continue to make up the editorial staff, and our dedicated team will remain as well. Our circulation will remain as is, and we will continue to focus on the technology- and operations-driven topics you care about most (omni-channel retailing; marketing; HCM/WFM; customer experience; integration; LP/AP; and supply chain/logistics/fulfillment). Our commitment to our readers remains strong, which is why we will continue work diligently to understand your challenges. We will also continue to be the pragmatic voice we’ve always been by covering innovation in its most sensible form — not sweeping, pie-in-the-sky, esoteric innovation that few retailers can fathom let alone implement, but rather practical, tactical innovations that help retailers marry next-gen options with sensibility and security.

Inside the pages of Innovative Retail Technologies and on our new site, (full site launch date is August 28th), we will be louder about pragmatic innovation in terms of the technologies, operations, processes, and philosophies retailers should care about in today’s evolved retail landscape. Retailers are beginning to understand that true advancement means tending to the tech-savvy customer by first truly understanding their shopping experience and path to purchase and building on the necessary technologies and processes from there. Innovative Retail Technologies’ commitment to the reader is to break down tough customer experience scenarios with innovation in a way that’s easy to digest, implement, and afford. Further, we understand that innovation means different things to different retailers — and, to some, it means nothing at all. We’ll help you define innovation and understand its importance as it applies to your business operations through case studies, thought leadership, tech trends, and more.

Our email newsletter will continue to hit your inboxes daily, and it will continue to deliver the insightful content you’re used to receiving. And, don’t worry; the plethora of valuable content currently found on will be readily available on

We’ve dedicated quite a bit of time to making this a reality for you, our valued readers. We have worked in earnest to ensure that Integrated Solutions For Retailers’ good will and pristine reputation is carried through to Innovative Retail Technologies. We’re very excited about this transition, and because we value your feedback tremendously, we want to answer any questions you may have. Please email us at and with your questions and to let us know how your organization has taken pragmatic, incremental steps to embrace innovation to move the sales needle and improve the customer experience.

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