White Paper

Consumer Commerce: It's Not About Channels. It's Simply About Shopping.

Source: MultiDev Technologies ChainDrive
OmniChannel Consumer Commerce

It’s no secret that the world of retail has evolved into a consumer driven culture, one that is fuelled by personal smart technology devices which allows for the instant gratification of knowledge and service that today’s consumer craves and demands.

This new breed of consumer, known as the “THE OMNICHANNEL CONSUMER”, considers the retailer as a single identity whereas they don’t think in terms of channels, they think in terms of experiences. They expect the retailer to offer a seamless shopping experience, one that is engaging and personalized across all channels whether in-store, online, mobile or social. These modern consumers are technically savvy, constantly connected and extremely experienced when it comes to shopping in traditional and virtual channels; they also have high expectations around service, value and choice. They crave immediate satisfaction and gratification and it’s up to the retailer to make that “special” connection and fulfill their expectations.

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