Magazine Article | August 24, 2011

Research & Trends: Cultivating Long-Term Seasonal Holiday Workers

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Bucky Couch, Lumesse

Customer relationships and brand loyalty are critical concepts to retailers, and they spend piles of money on both, especially during the holiday season. But the way in which retailers generally recruit seasonal labor doesn't support either brand building or closer relationships.

It's no surprise that retailers hire extra people during the holidays. But you have to wonder why they often treat seasonal labor like factory inventory. And why do retailers wait until "the season" to start recruiting, screening, and even training seasonal labor?

In fact, seasonal labor need not be a seasonal activity. Retailers can turn this annual event into an ongoing process that not only improves the flow of quality short-term employees, but also supports customer relationships and brand loyalty. Recruiting, technology, and a long-term view can enable retailers to build communities of people who are qualified, prepared, and eager for holiday jobs. What's in your long-term view? Here are a few tips to craft a lucrative long-term view.