Magazine Article | September 22, 2011

Data Security In An Omnichannel World

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By David Tran, Verizon

Data security in the world of omnichannel retail (an approach that offers customers a seamless experience whether purchasing on the Web, via mobile, or in-store) is not just about the technology deployed to safeguard all the channels and customer touch points. In this new age of retailing, data security is all about the process of controlling and mitigating risks associated with customer data.

Using technology to keep criminals away from valuable data assets is just half the equation. To truly secure all constituents — customers, partners, and employees — retailers must have in place a data security policy that actively controls and proactively mitigates the associated data security risks.

The adoption of new technologies by customers, business partners, and employees makes it even more difficult for retailers to safeguard their operations. Furthermore, as the number of social networks, virtual communities, and touch points through which customers interact with retailers continues to increase, it becomes even more challenging for the retailers to protect their data assets.