Datasheet | December 11, 2012

Datasheet: EmpowerWFM

Source: Empower Software Solutions
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Your people. Whether you refer to them as associates, staf, partners, team members, or employees, one thing remains true. Your workforce holds the key to your organization’s success. And the management of this resource – your most valuable and potentially most costly resource – is obviously a major opportunity. We’re not just talking about the traditional definition of workforce management as most people think about it – right people, right place, right time. EmpowerWFM goes well beyond simple scheduling and labor expense management, to deliver real results across your most important business objectives, including revenue growth, employee retention, customer loyalty, and expense management.

We call it True Workforce Optimization. And some of the world’s most respected companies are realizing it, and experiencing the benefits, with help from EmpowerWFM.

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