Dayforce Time & Attendance

Source: Ceridian Dayforce


Streamline time sheet maintenance and automate clocking with Dayforce Time & Attendance. It offers innovative functionality that is less expensive and quicker to deploy than competing solutions. Track employee time, edit and automate clocks and punches, and communicate with employees throughout the payroll closeout process. Dayforce Time & Attendance helps managers calculate gross pay quickly and accurately while complying with complex regulations, all on one, easy-to-navigate screen.

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Key advantages of Dayforce Time & Attendance include:

Easy-to-Reconcile Timecard

  • Automated pay process checklist
  • Instant exceptions processing
  • Easy to identify and correct problems

Complete Audit and Compliance Functionality

  • Innovative pay and punch policies
  • Comprehensive hour and wage rule configuration
  • Easily administers complex local, state/provincial and federal labor laws
  • Comprehensive validation and audit trail

And more...

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