Dayforce Touch Time Clocks

Source: Ceridian Dayforce

Dayforce Touch

Dayforce Touch takes time capture into the 21st century. Through the intuitive touch screen interface, increase clocking speed and accuracy. The integrated self-service functionality enables users to simply do more. Empower employees to view their schedules, request time away from work and manage their availability. Enable managers to approve time off requests. Make time capture and self-service easy with Dayforce Touch.

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  • Fast, easy, and accurate time capture with employee and manager self-service at the clock
  • Federal, State, Provincial and organizational labor policies enforced at the clock
  • Quickly approve employee time off
  • Multilingual for a diverse workforce
  • Supports Ethernet or WiFi connectivity
  • Eliminate “buddy punching” through the use of facial recognition technology combined with  biometric verification

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