Source: DigitalPersona / Crossmatch

The edge of your enterprise is now anywhere people work, and defending a borderless enterprise requires focusing on assured user identity. Authentication methods must take into account the use cases and associated risks while providing a human approach to security. Your solution should deliver a seamless user experience – whether in-network or out in the cloud.

Passwords alone do not provide assurance that the person possessing the credential is really who they claim to be. Research has found that over 75% of data breaches are the result of a compromised password.

Businesses and governments need identity assurance when an employee accesses information, a customer makes a transaction or a citizen wants to receive benefits. Multi-factor authentication is an effective method to securing networks and digital assets while reducing fraud and exposure to data breaches. The DigitalPersona multi-factor authentication solution is specifically designed to fit the human element, giving your users secure access without obstacles — anytime, anywhere.