E-Commerce And The Back Office Working In Concert For Retail Success

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies
Dydacomp, EYEMAGINE, Redstage Q&A

Dydacomp, EYEMAGINE, and Redstage explain what sets them apart from other Magento solution providers and how the e-commerce platform helps retailers engage with and excel in omni-channel retailing.

What sets you apart from other Magento Solution providers?  What are your unique capabilities?

Dydacomp: Dydacomp is a Magento industry partner, not a solutions provider.  As such, we offer a robust order and inventory management solution tightly integrated to the Magento Community and Enterprise e-commerce platforms.  While Magento itself and virtually all the third-party Magento solution providers focus on providing retailers and other businesses with a rich customer-facing e-commerce platform,  we provide a complementary solution that starts where most e-commerce stops – once a customer places an order.  After all, getting the order is only part of the solution.  Until that order is filled, delivered, billed, and collected promptly, accurately and efficiently, you don’t have a satisfied customer.  By combining our solution with a properly implemented Magento e-commerce solution, a small to mid-sized retailer can implement a complete solution to grow their business.

EYEMAGINE: After a client decides to create a business relationship with EYEMAGINE, we always ask them, “Why did you choose us?”

They tell us things like:

“You took the time to really learn about our business, and try to help us prepare for the future. It seemed like you had our best interests in mind.”

“We liked the combination of energy, enthusiasm, and technical competency you brought to every conversation.”

“We could tell from the very first time we spoke, something was different about you and your team. You really mean it when you say the word partner. You’re actually OUR partner in deeds, not just in words.”

“Even though your proposal came in a bit more than the other vendors we were considering, we knew it was worth it, because we felt we would have a better chance at being successful with you long term.”

Our clients trust us with the future of their e-commerce business.  When they are looking for something more than a vendor, when they are looking for a long term partner to help them grow and succeed in the e-commerce space, they tend to choose EYEMAGINE.

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