Case Study

eBay Drives Down Transaction Costs With Data Center Solution

Source: Dell Inc.

When it comes to online marketplaces, there is none bigger than eBay. The company has more than 102 million active users and drives $69 billion in transactions —more than $2,000 every second. But numbers alone don’t tell the story of eBay. At its heart, eBay is a company driven by innovation—from its groundbreaking approach to e-commerce to its leading-edge data centers that allow buyers and sellers to find each other with the click of a mouse.

While buyers and sellers never see this side of the business, the eBay focus on innovation is nowhere more apparent than in the company’s data centers. That’s the case in Phoenix, Arizona where the company has launched one of the world’s most efficient data centers. Among other achievements, this extremely dense data center uses dry desert air year round to cool thousands of servers—and to help drive down the cost of doing business on eBay.

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