Integrated Solutions For Retailers Editorial Submission Guidelines

Integrated Solutions For Retailers Executive Outlook and Case Study submission consideration and guidelines:

Executive Outlooks
Integrated Solutions For Retailers accepts guest-authored opinion columns, which we call Executive Outlooks. To increase the likelihood of your contribution running online or in the magazine, please read these guidelines carefully.

  • How To Generate The Copy
    Copy for the Executive Outlook section of the magazine comes from articles written by outside contributors. These contributors can include presidents, vice presidents, and executives of vendor companies, retail companies, or industry consultants. These articles are typically one page in length (500-550 words). Articles must include:

    1. A 300 dpi TIFF or JPEG headshot of the author
    2. A small bio on the author and his/her company, along with contact information (e-mail)
  • Editorial Concept
    The Executive Outlook was created as an outlet for executives to share their opinions on technologies and trends within the retail industry. The subject matter chosen for the Executive Outlook must bring value to our readership, i.e. discuss a subject that retail technology buyers care about. The guest opinion is NOT:

    1. PR for a company
    2. PR for a product or product line
    3. An opportunity for a company to attack a competitor
    4. A white paper or technical piece
  • Design Theory & Layout Editing
    An Integrated Solutions For Retailers editor will edit all submitted articles. The editors may:

    1. Re-work the article themselves
    2. Request that the author re-work the article
    3. Reject the article if there is no possibility of it reaching our standards
  • Frequency
    Executive Outlook articles do not run every month. These articles run as space is available in the magazine. Executive Outlooks are accepted on a rolling basis and placed in queue for publishing. Many factors influence the publishing decision, including but not limited to the quality, relevance, and timeliness of the article, and the order in which it was received. The Executive Outlook is typically the last department in the magazine.
Case Study Leads And Abstracts
Integrated Solutions For Retailers is always on the lookout for compelling Case Studies to share with our subscribers. Simply follow the procedure below to send us a Case Study idea and contact information for the retailer we need to interview, and we'll find a home for the story in Integrated Solutions For Retailers.
Submission Procedure
To submit an Executive Outlook or Case Study lead online, email Rick Miller at