News | January 13, 2012

Empower Software Solutions Delivering EmpowerAnywhere Mobility

Orlando, FL – Empower Software Solutions specializes in providing WFM, and related Human Capital Management software solutions to a variety of businesses, and has developed relationships with thousands of employers throughout the country. EmpowerAnywhere is the first commercially available solution that addresses all the areas of workforce and task management, which include communication, execution and confirmation. EmpowerAnywhere leverages platform independent mobile solutions from iOS to Android to WinMobile allowing the actualization of the enabled store employee.

"Mobility for WFM today is a tremendous benefit for the retailer," said Adrian Schauer, President/CEO Vortex Connect. Vortex Connect is mobile a business solutions provider headquartered in Toronto. "From the employee being able to see their schedule on their iPhones, to managers approving time off on their Blackberry, to district managers completing store audits on their iPads or other tablets, Mobile has moved from nice-to-have to a must-have solution in today's competitive retail environment."

"Mobile extension to WFM software enables real-time responsiveness to constantly changing retail labor requirements, "said Empower Software Solution President & COO, Jim Hoefflin. "Whether it's using SMS to fill a shift in real-time when there is a spike in demand, or using smartphone apps to coordinate product recalls, mobile helps make your WFM information accessible and accurate 100% of the time, while increasing customer satisfaction and compliance."

About Empower Software Solutions
Empower Software Solutions is a leading national provider of innovative and state-of-the-art human resources solutions. Thousands of organizations, including many of the largest global companies, rely on Empower's world-class integrated Human Resources suite providing HR/Payroll, Workforce Management, Time and Attendance, Tax Filing/Processing and Mobile solutions. Our name flawlessly reflects on precisely what we do for your business: empower you with superior technology to efficiently and effectively manage the employee lifecycle, enabling you to focus attention on growing your business.

SOURCE: Empower Software Solutions