News | July 17, 2009

Enhanced Retail Solutions Releases Major Upgrade Of Desktop Analyst


Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS), a top provider of solutions to suppliers of the retail industry for use in analyzing product sales and trends, announces the release of a major upgrade of its flagship enterprise "Desktop Analyst" software.

Desktop Analyst enables manufacturers to more easily become involved in the management of their own lines at the retail level; and track their products through their entire retail lives. In a few simple steps, this software provides in-depth reporting at various merchandise levels including an individual SKU's inventory, sales and projections - down to door level.

The new version offers significant new features, including:

Forecast Master

  • Interactive Rolling Forecast - This enhanced forecasting tool provides the user a greater level of flexibility and detail in projecting estimated sales and inventory needs by month. Inventory needs are automatically adjusted as the user updates lead-time and production availability. Ability to import wholesale available to ship stock and future on order as well as the retailer's forecast.
  • Forecasting parameters for each item can now be saved persistently.
  • Exception Report summarizes the immediate needs, variation from the target inventory model, current weeks on hand and sales projections for the next three months, six months and year.
  • While this module is designed to be applicable to all retailers, it works especially well with Bed Bath and Beyond's new vendor collaborative forecasting initiative.

Replenishment Advisor

  • Group Replenishment - Create one replenishment report for multiple SKU's. Provides item, style or group level replenishment report.
  • Additional calculation method added - Average weekly sales and Target Weeks On Hand. This method allows the user to calculate the inventory needed to meet a target week's on hand based on average weekly sales. This feature can be used for the individual SKU replenishment or the new Group replenishment.

Demographic Profiler

  • The demographic database has been updated with CVS, Lowe's, Toys R Us, Meijer and the new My Macy's store alignment. Retailers that are no longer in business have been removed.

Weekly Analyst

  • Age, average weekly sales (units and dollars), weeks on hand, week's Gross Profit %, year to date Gross Profit % and number of stores have been added to the Quick Summary Report.
  • New Report: "Last 8 Weeks" reviews the last eight weeks sales units and dollars, year to date sales units and dollars as well as the current on hand and sell through.
  • New Report: "TY vs. LY"- compares this year's sales units and dollars, on hand and sell through to the same SKU from last year.


  • Ability to open and save the latest Microsoft Excel Open Document format (.xlsx) to My Reports on the dashboard.

Import Manager

  • AS2 file transfer capability (additional outside fees may apply)..
  • Automated database population (additional outside fees may apply).

"Our software has evolved based on input from our customers. Many of the most widely used functions today were developed based on that feedback. Once again, we listened to our users and this is what they have asked for" says Jim Lewis, Founder and CEO of Enhanced Retail Solutions. "This release is immensely gratifying."

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SOURCE: Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS)